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If you’re unemployed and thinking of starting your own business you may be eligible for a grant of up to €1000* towards the basic set up costs if purchased from a single supplier. Technology has made our lives more convenient that we can do many things with the click of a button. Reason for doing the business: You must know the reason for which you are doing the business?
Business plan: It is vital to have a business plan, how you intend to operate your business and financial forecast. How long you want to do: You must have a time frame for how long you will do this business. Continuous learning and updating: You will have continuously learned and update yourself to be in competition. Check out your competitors: It is important to know what kind of methods your competitors are implementing. Understanding your customers: Unless you know what your customers want, then how can you provide what they want.
Starting a home business is a very big thing, it is important not to lose your confidence and thing positive no matter what.
What you are going to do if you are a young college graduate, a man who is looking for a job for years now, an employee who is fired from his company, a housewife or even a retiree.
When economy is under pressure and you are looking for a job then best way is to start a small business in India.
Before I talk about 10 different types of small businesses, let me tell you some benefits of starting a small business in India.
Here you do not have to worry because you manage your own business and everything depends upon you. When you are starting your own business then you do not have to worry about monthly income. You can hire a good CA who can give you the best ideas of saving your tax against many expenses that you can show to reduce the tax burden. Now let us see 10 small businesses that you can start in India and make money without having to lose anything. First one, that any young college graduate or a working employee can do is open a small restaurant. You might have seen kiosks near cinema halls, railway stations, bus stations, government offices, in colleges etc. Supply of refreshments like cake, puff, cold drinks etc from a bakery that is in contact with you. Lastly, you have to advertise about your coaching center in newspaper or by distributing pamphlets in colleges, bus stops etc. Later on, you have to recruit or look for new faculty members, teachers who will teach the subjects. To start a coaching center you have to spend very much on advertisement because you are new to this field. You also have to talk to parents of your students because some students do not perform well. Mail marketing is a completely home based business where you can run it from the comfort of your home.

In mail marketing you simply have to promote about a business by sending a mail to various customers. You may need a color pamphlet that is going to tell the benefits of the product you are selling. In consultancy service, you will consult young college graduates regarding their future plan. Mainly a candidate will come to a consultancy service to ask a company that can give him a job.
Then you also have to build contacts with local companies which are very small and they hire few candidates. As I said earlier here only difficulty you might face is building a contact or relationship with major companies and small companies.
In network marketing, you have to build a team under you, which is going to sell products to customers.
This is a small business where investment is zero and in return, you can make a lot of income. A counselor is a person who gives an advice to people who want solution for their problems.
In India where middle class is growing rapidly and people’s income is increasing, they would not mind to spend extra money for consulting a counselor.
There are different types of counselors however, I tell you some of them which people are looking for.
Here your main expenditure would be in building contacts with people, who are very affluent. You have to take license from franchise like McDonalds, Cafe Coffee day, Star Bucks, Pizza Hut etc.
You can get loan from banks or you can also ask your family members to involve in this business. You have to be careful about scams and do not think that online business is get rich scheme. I am an QUICKBOOKS experienced person if you know any CPA there will do the accounting from here.
We need a business of abroad because compare to abroad currency rate india’s currency rate is law. Can you give me the contact information for a company (preferably in Bangalore) that can help me set up a business in India? To maximise the value you can get for this money we have put together a Business Start Up Package. Many people start a business and when it doesn’t run well, they lose heart and dump the idea.
Usually many work alone, so the more you work the more money you will earn, but you will have to keep control on your working time. Understanding the needs of your customers will give you the crucial edge to perform better.
Therefore, what you are going to do when jobs that pays you good money is simply not there.
In this article, I will tell you 10 different types of small businesses that you can start and make a lot of money.

Self-employed businessman do not have to worry about economy or anything else, they just keep going. Future of a small business is really great because it is closely run by an individual and close family members. Everyone is in the race of making profits only without giving any good service & customer care. Before you start making money, you have to pay these guys who will work 12 hours daily for you.
Here getting a contract is going to be very difficult because hundreds of applicants are waiting to get a chance to open a kiosk. You can also give coaching on personality development, speaking fluent English, computers, cooking, dancing,  painting etc. You will make money when you recommend the right company to the college graduates where they can be recruited.
It is not very easy because you must have some adjustment or influence in these companies to get important knowledge out of them.
Here you need to have certain qualities like leadership, hardworking, honesty, and also smartness. Career counselor, marriage counselor, mental health counselor, relationship counselor, counseling about how to grow a kid etc .
Whenever you attend conferences, seminar, parties or concerts never forget to give them a card printed with your name and address. Opening a franchise is quite difficult because you need an area that attracts lot of customers.
People are now-a-days chasing more for online working from home jobs.That’s true for the current trends worldwide! Even if you find a job opportunity then it is only for highly skilled people like IT professionals and other kind of experienced jobs. You can ask your parents if you are a college graduate or if you have money then you can start on your own. Students are not satisfied with their regular studies and they are always looking for coaching classes.
Even if you are 10th pass you can become a network marketer & make money like a very successful doctor or an engineer. If you are still interested to do any business then send me your project on my mail address .I will recharch on your project and will decided. I am for someone who is already living in India, so i can meet them and talk to them about the idea. And its also very difficult to get a sarkari naukari because there is a very high competition for every vacancy. Whenever there is a financial crunch, corporation fire their regular employees without any notice.
After building up a solid clientele and gaining confidence it is better to invest more in your business.

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