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With a Money Market Account at Thrive Credit Union, you don’t have to lock your funds away to earn higher dividend rates on your savings account. With only a $2,500 minimum balance and up to 3 withdrawals per month, the money market account allows you a lot of flexibility.
With a money market account at Thrive, you also have the option of setting up a checking account tied to your money market account. The Mason Jar Money Method can be fun for everyone in family since you actually see your savings grow week to week and it’s right in front of you, not just an obscure figure in a bank somewhere. How would you celebrate your next birthday, Valentine’s Day, summer vacation or Christmas shopping if you had $1300 in the bank?
To start your Mason Jar Money Method you need a giant jar and click to download the cheat sheet below! Update: My accountant Fiance who helped me with the calculations did some travel research- for the $1 plan we could plan a weekend getaway to San Antonio for $1300… a nice one too!

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The basic plan starts with just $1 on the first week and you can ease your way into saving big bucks.
You can either play catchup (do you have an extra $1 or 2 lying around?) or find another holiday or milestone to save towards.
I have a piggy bank that I toss all of my little change and cash into at the end of the week, but maybe having something clear so that I could SEE the money growing would be more motivational to remember and stay on top of it.
I have an old-fashioned glass sweet shop jar that I might use for this, and by the end of the year I’ll have a nice amount set aside for Christmas food and presents!

I started doing this in my savings account but love the idea of actually using the physical money and keeping it in a jar!
And i across this mason jar and i had a color paper and i wroted down vacation 2016 and start putting money in mason jar. Of course, by the end of the plan you’ll be putting away $52 in one week, but you’ll have weeks of time to lead up to the biggest saves, which takes the sting out of saving those extra bucks each week!
It was funny because my weekly spending money always went in there for the most part- and friends would come over see it and drop cash in it too!

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