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My goal is to travel at the end of the year and for that I need money (especially since Australia is so far away from everything!).
But even though it seems so obvious, I know a lot of people who LOVE shopping (and who will definitely end up going shopping at some point anyway) that try to avoid it.
I find this is easier when I go shopping often (once every week or so) because I don’t get that feeling that I have to buy everything I love right there and then. You might be reading this and thinking that you don’t possibly have enough money to put aside some cash just for shopping.
Having guilt-free shopping money comes with one little condition – that is the total you can spend on shopping.
I’ve been making the effort to be grateful for the clothes, make up, jewellery, shoes, bags, hats and belts I already have. I totally agree on buying better quality items (that are a bit pricier) because they last so much longer than and I love wearing them so much more than most of the cheap things I’ve bought.
I also used to spend loads of money on clothes but I really managed to cut back my spendings. Love this post – great tips and as you say, you can still go shopping but keeping things in order and not going crazy picking up all the bargains!!
I like your tip about savouring your new purchases because not only does that curb your spending, it also makes you realize how versatile your wardrobe can be if you try different outfit combinations. I'm a 25 year old sharing what I learn as I try to figure out how to make the most of my twenties.
It will always be interesting to read articles from other authors and use something from other web sites.
It gives me a feeling of abundance and that I’ll be able to find it again if I still want it. I put aside money that I can spend guilt-free on clothes and accessories and whatever else  I want.

But I would like to put it to you that if you ever find yourself spending money shopping then yes, you do have money to put aside. I totally agree with you in that if you love something, you shouldn’t just stop doing it. I am actually having the same struggle with online shopping, still haven’t completely figured that out yet! In the last few months I had to cut back my spending quite a bit as I went back to school and we are only living on my husband’s salary. I hate the actual process of shopping because I am really picky, but I love that feeling of finding something absolutely perfect. I went on a 6 week trip to the USA over Christmas (living in NZ) and saving for that was my main priority.
I needed some realistic advice on saving money instead of spending it every time I see something nice on a store. When it comes to my clothes I like to remix my outfits as much as possible (accessories are a big help for that too).
You have to tell your money where to go, but what’s great about this is you get to decide. I’m about to graduate college and have no intentions of letting my wardrobe or shopping get put on the backburner. I always feel guilty shopping when I’m trying to save but I should start putting some money away to actually do it! And even better, the solution doesn’t make me feel that sense of lack that drives me to go on a shopping spree (despite my best efforts).
But remember, the point of this is trying to meet two goals at once (travel and shopping) and at the moment, this amount is allowing me to do both.
But no mattter what it is, this whole thing really only works well if you stick to your spending plan.

Play around with it and try to find an amount that you can stick to that doesn’t make you feel a sense of lack. I email readers like you with an extra blog post every Sunday (I like to make them a little more personal), sign up below if you’d like to be a part of it!
As much as I like shopping, I think that I need to cut it out altogether until I find my next job. I just bought a couple of things from The Iconic the other day and am returning both of them because I didn’t love them. When I feel the need to spend money, I really have to evaluate why, and whether or not I actually have something that is already working for me.
I was looking for a specific expression that I hat in mind to use in my post but was not sure how to pronounce and if it was an actual expression. It was hard slog but I found if I didn’t treat myself every now and then I started to resent the holiday, and started to feel miserable. Just last week I had a massive spending spree while trying to save for an overseas trip and my student accommodation just because I had denied myself shopping for so long. Bicycling has really helped distract me from shopping because I was using shopping as an excuse to get out and take a walk. I still loving shopping and will never stop, but I definitely enjoy it more when I’m doing it because I actually need something and not just for the sake of spending money. When I do slip up and buy something I’m not so happy about, I feel extremely guilty about it when I get home and have to go back and return it ASAP.

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