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Beginning to earn and spend my own money in my college years really got me thinking about how much things cost. That realization led me to do a lot of research on saving money on the things I bought which in turn led me to be active on money saving forums. The site is more geared to teaching people to maximize the value of their dollars no matter their status in life so there is no one financial challenge that really sticks out. My finances are far from simplified because often the best money saving deals involve a little bit of extra work and complexity. Lately I have simplified some by cutting down on my accounts, always sticking with no fee banking from the start, and not worrying too much about budgeting. It’s really the generous sign up offers and rewards available from having multiple accounts that makes it difficult.
I try to balance the upfront reward with the extra time involved to make sure it is worth the effort because there is nothing I value more than my time. My site is overflowing with tips on how to save money, but my best one single tip is to plan ahead when it comes to everything.
What book, blog, or podcast would you suggest to someone who is looking to simplify or improve their finances? My favorite personal finance blogs other than my own are My Own Advisor, Boomer & Echo, and Million Dollar Journey.
My favorite things to do are spend time with my family, travel, and play video games so I would probably do more of all than that! Do you have an emergency fund established, if so how did you determine the amount needed to fund it?
I have lots of funds that can be accessed in case of an emergency, but none of them are designated as an emergency fund. Thanks Stephen for sharing your story.  As well as offering some great tips to help simplify your finances. If you are interested in sharing how you have simplified your financial life, send me an email and I will follow up with you.  Enjoy the rest of your week.
Price matching local ads at Walmart is easy, and saves time by allowing you only visit one store. Price matching involves looking at ads from your local grocery stores, making a list of the best deals and taking that list to Walmart (or other stores that advertise their price matching program). If the store runs out of the advertised special, go to the customer service counter and request a rain check and ask when they will be restocked. In order to meal plan with what you bought on sale at the store, simply type in the main ingredient you want to use and then type the style of food you want to make. How will you know a good deal from a terrible deal if you don’t know how much items normally cost? As you can see, knowing the unit price of an item can help to determine if an item is a good deal or not and it becomes easier to compare brands based on price. When you go through the check out line, make sure you are watching as the cashier rings up your purchases. The best way to save money on produce and spices is to have a garden full of items you would normally buy at the store. Hunting wild game and raising chickens is a cheaper alternative to buying meat at the grocery store. When you avoid eating out and instead opt for cooking at home, you will avoid sales tax in some states and tipping. Freezing produce is a great thing to know for when you have bought in bulk (see #5) or grown more than you can eat (see #16) and need to save some produce for later. I have been freezing produce to eat in a few weeks when we need a break from the produce we bought on sale that week. When it comes to dairy, meat, and sometimes produce, search Craigslist for a farmer in your area and negotiate discounted prices if you buy from them every week. Don’t be afraid to shop at discount stores like the Dollar store, Aldi, and Save-a-Lot. Our favorite grocery store has a discount aisle tucked away in the back of the store by the bathrooms. Most people know Groupon as a great source of local deals, but did you also know that they recently launched a free coupons platform called Groupon Coupons?
Groupon Coupons is a service from Groupon that offers more than 55,000 online and in-store coupons from thousands of top retailers, including Target and Best Buy. Groupon Coupons is available online and in the popular Groupon mobile app for iPhone and Android, so you can find coupons whether you’re at home or on the go. The real trick to these apps is finding the items that earn cash back on all 4 apps (or at least 2). This is a great list of tips about how we can save money on groceries, I mostly agree with number 6.

2) call your car and home insurance company and tell them you want to go through all your coverage because you found another carrier that is cheaper. 6) review your credit card bills for all the things you are paying $10-20 per month for that you no longer need. 8) review your investment portfolio for ways to replace higher fee mutual funds or ETFs with lower fee ones. I definitely checking this tips before having a grocery, I recommend this to my friends, it will be very helpful to them.
I used to go to Costco and spend $150 to $200 weekly, (I have an active 15 yr old son who homeschools & eats like a bottomless pit ALL DAY). I really appreciate people who take the next step and share their new found ways to make or save money. The only thing is it generally takes more time, and like you I don’t love grocery shopping. I used to think the price on the shelf was the price you paid, but then I noticed that every store had a different price for the same product. You can earn thousands of dollars opening new accounts and trying new products and services. I find that being money conscious and trying to save on every purchase is enough to not over spend. The one thing I never automate is my credit card bills which I prefer to pay manually twice a month.
You could be missing out on some big rewards if you never try something new or re-evaluate your finances.
I don’t believe an emergency fund is always necessary because there are lots of ways to get funds in an emergency. Our diet consists of fresh vegetables, some meat, healthy fats, rice, and a moderate amount of fresh fruit. A rain check means they will let you buy the advertised item at the sale price when the item has been restocked, even though it is no longer on sale. You will have less patience and less self control, leaving you powerless against impulse buying. The more aware you become while you shop for groceries, the more familiar you will become with pricing. For instance, when you are buying items in a multi-pack, there are usually a few options for size or brand. However, they can also pose as a temptation for you to buy items that are less than nutritional. This list is important so that you are not running to the store, wasting gas and time, on one or two items. Spending a little bit of time in your garden every day has big payoffs because you don’t have to buy marked up produce at the store. Not only will you cut out any harmful additives and excessive salt and sugar, but you will also save money by making it yourself. Make sure you are using all produce before it spoils, and use the canned foods in your pantry before buying new ones. Before you sign up, do your research and find out how much a membership would cost and how long it would take you to make up the cost of the membership fees. All you have to do is browse their limited selection of cash back items, buy the items at ANY store, and get cash back in your account.
Browse the new offers every Thursday, star the ones you’re going to buy, upload your receipt, and receive cash back.
By using all of the apps, as well as any coupons you stumble across, you can get items for pennies on the dollar. Many assessments have never been properly adjusted down to reflect the market over the last 4 years.
I would like to thank you both for going through the effort to create this article and share it for everyone, including myself, so we can shop better.
I have taken heed to stopping by the .99 Cent store AND Grocery Outlet BEFORE hitting up Costco for items we DO need in bulk, (organic eggs, soy milk). I live in Australia, and had always wondered whether there was actually much of a difference in prices between a fresh food market and the local supermarket.
However I do quite like the markets – so will try and visit at least once a fortnight, and use another market to stock up the freezer with meat and seafood. If you put it on auto pilot, make sure you check it every now and then to ensure it isn’t steering you into an iceberg!

Having a list of items that are on sale and the items you want to price match (see #3) is imperative. However, that introduces too much of a temptation to buy things that are not on sale (or unnecessary) to complete the recipe for the meal you planned.
The way unit pricing works is that the bigger the bulk of the item, the less you will often have to pay. However, if tortillas are part of your weekly grocery list, you would be throwing away $0.45 to buy the smaller packages, not to mention the extra time it takes you to repurchase the tortillas every week. It’s great to look at the coupons to see if they have any stellar deals, but if the temptation to buy processed or junk foods is too great, skip the coupons and follow the other 34 tips in this article.
This tip may not work for some families, but consider buying almond milk, coconut milk, or other sale alternatives instead of cow’s milk. We had a relative who shot a deer, so Jacob helped skin it and then paid $30 to have 40 pounds ground.
This will ensure that you are not just building a pantry full of food that will eventually get donated. Some of these items can easily be found at health food stores, but are often much more expensive than buying online. I like to buy bulk chicken breast on sale and then separate them into smaller zip lock bags to freeze. On a rare occasion my husband, also known as the cook in the family, will make a HUGE pot of spaghetti and it will last a whole week. Seafood such as salmon can definitely be heaps cheaper at markets, and I think probably better quality too often. Not only will it help you avoid impulse buying, it will also help you get in and out of the grocery store faster so you can get on with the rest of your life. By shopping first, and then planning your meals, you will have to work with what you bought on sale. Knowing the unit price will help you determine how much you will save per unit when you do buy in bulk.
You can see in this situation, you would be paying about one cent less per ounce with option 2. This would negate all of your hard work of price matching the item in the first place, so pay attention!
In addition, their cash out option is available after you earn $5 in cash back, which is a lot lower than the other cash back apps. If you spend too much on car insurance from one of those big companies, chances are you are simply funding their expensive TV ads with cute animals. The other day I bought Strawberry jam, canned black beans, granola bars, crackers, romaine lettuce, bell peppers, and chips… all GMO-free or Organic (which is by definition GMO-free). We also make sure to have a BIG pot of beans and rice cooked weekly to hold our son over between meals.
By limiting consumption until a sale is found, we have reduced our usage and further kept the cost down.
Also, if you choose to eat out, take your leftovers home with you, and make sure they get eaten! Then, once you buy the item at the grocery store, you take a picture of your receipt and watch your cash back roll in. Bacon always comes in large portions, and I don’t eat it as much, so you can find several zip lock bags containing 7-10 strips each in my freezer!
A difference of 25 bps in fees will mean a difference of about 5% in your portfolio value after 25 or 30 years.
For instance, paying $1 for a pack of gum at the dollar store is not as good of a deal as paying $2.00 for three packs of gum at the grocery store. I also found 4 spices for chai tea for $4 that I cost compared at Albertson’s for $47. The other day I saw a rump roast packaged with pre-cut carrots and potatoes that was selling for double the price of a roast, potatoes, and carrots sold separately.

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