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March 10, 2015 By Ben Butler 22 Comments Sharing Is Caring0390300If you have a dog with allergies or food sensitivities, it’s important to know how to save money on hypoallergenic dog food. Hypoallergenic dog food is one of those things that you need, but you can’t necessarily afford.
If your dog requires a prescription veterinary diet, you can often ask your vet for a coupon. Another great way to save money on prescription specialty foods is to use an online pharmacy such as  Petmeds and Pet360. If you buy hypoallergenic dog food which is available in stores, always Google the brand + coupon. I do not have dogs of any kind but its good to know that even dogs have allergies and their are foods out there just for them. I cashed out my Swagbucks to score a free gift card to Target and purchased my sparkly new immersion blender.
I love that I can turn whatever dish I am preparing for dinner into food for my youngest to enjoy. If you are looking for ways to cut the cost of baby essentials, try this method and see if it works for your little one.
A couple of key points to mention; 1) I make sure to mix extra of another meal to have ready if I know there is a meal I am making that contains honey. This post was written as part of the eMeals Blogger Network. eMeals is a comprehensive meal planning resource that helps provide healthy and delicious dinners for busy families and individuals.
If you suspect your dog might have a food sensitivity, you can refer to my article, Hypoallergenic Dog Food – Because Dogs Have Allergies, Too.

If you dog has allergies or food sensitivities, chances are your vet has told you how important it is to address those problems. Prescription diet manufacturers like Hills and Purina know that their foods are far more expensive that garden variety dog foods, and they often give vets coupons for their clients.
These companies will need a prescription from your vet, but you’ll get far better prices. I often find myself coupon clipping because I don’t want to be unable to provide the very best fire my fur babies. I detest spending money on mashed up food and specialty mixers that allow you to prepare homemade baby food. I chose the cheapest one because I am mainly using it to create baby food and have no need for one with several attachments or different speeds.
It does not take much effort since you are already cooking the meal to serve to the rest of your family. I did the same thing when my son was a baby (he’s almost 19 now!) and I just used a regular blender.
Unlike your vet, these online pharmacies buy prescription hypoallergenic dog food in bulk, which leads to greater savings for you. It may only be for a dollar or two, but every little bit helps when you’re stuck with buying hypoallergenic dog food.
If you need a smoother texture, keep adding small amounts of water until the texture is correct. If you're being ugly and not adding anything of benefit to the conversation, your comment will be removed.

Feel free to use one or two photos provided that a link back to my original post is included. So while this food may cost an arm and a leg, you really can’t get away with not having it.
Another bonus is that because these are available in stores, you can catch them on sale and even find coupons online.
However, if you’re looking for legit information on how to save money on hypoallergenic dog food, then you came to the right place. She told me to use an immersion blender and to mix up whatever I was cooking for dinner to feed Collin. Please do not remove any watermarks, crop, or edit any of my images without first obtaining written permission from me. A dog that needs this type of food REALLY needs it, so any little bit of savings is always a help. Please do not replicate or copy any content from The Budget Mama without written permission from me.

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