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It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts. Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results. Before this new rule, several Target stores in my neighborhood already had their own rules. 5% instant discount sounds nice, but you can get more discount by purchasing TargetGCs from gift card resellers. A few weeks ago, Target started selling high denomination of Target Visa gift cards ($200 and $400) online. The 5% discount had been applied on 3rd party GC purchases for years, but it’s ended as well.
Soon after, I purchased one $400 VGCs with a regular credit card, via the same portal site, hoping for the same result. At the next store, I went to the customer service first because I wanted to make sure that I could use Visa GCs for reload.
In that store, I made a small purchase with the temp card and then asked to load at the cash register.
When you use Visa or MasterCard GCs like credit card for reload by split payment, Target’s POS knows the amount of GCs.
So, I thought I could reload American Express Serve with these gift cards at Family Dollar. Next, I chose REDcard again to let it reappear 5% discount, and then clicked Target Gift Card. From my experiences, I’m pretty sure that I would be able to place an order and receive a confirmation email.
There is no fee when you load at Walmart ATM, make a purchase in stores, get cash back with purchases and pay bills.
According to the websites, Vanilla Visa GC and OneVanilla Visa GC are no longer accepted at Walmart ATM. Journaling works for me - when I record the details of what I'm going through, whether it's a relationship issue or negative thoughts, I can look back and see how far I've come. According to some forum posts, it seems it’s better not to call to draw their attention. A month ago, (when I decided to switch from Redbird to Serve) I visited to see if a kiosk was in a good shape.
It had been several months that they sell MCGCs, and 5% discount was applied when you check out with REDcard. Back then, ShopDiscover ( a former version of Discover Deals) paid cash back on GC purchases except Target GCs.
The main purpose of this purchase was to make sure if I can still buy 3rd party GCs with Target GCs, and just in case I clicked a link on one portal site. I haven’t actually checked out, but the discount appeared in a cart after I choose REDcard as a payment method.

I assumed that I could have it loaded at any cash registers as well as the customer service just like at Walmart for Serve reload. It means that all those cards, Vanilla, One Vanilla, Target Visa and MasterCard GCs, have all the same features. I bought MasterCard Gift Cards online, but Target didn’t charge a purchase fee and applied 5% REDcard discount.
So, it’s not a good deal unless if you can use other payment methods and still get 5% REDcard discount.
If I didn’t order twelve GCs yesterday, I would be excited to perform this experiment.
Once money is loaded, you can make a purchase in stores and online anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted.
The card costs $4 (one-time payment for a personalized card), and monthly service fee is $3.
I tried twice and also tried to reload another card (Walmart MoneyCard Preferred) with Target Visa GC, but all attempts failed. Our minds love to play with us - we're going to be our own worst critics - but I just say to myself, 'File it back.' I just try to bring any negative thoughts to light and deal with them, so I can file them away.
Although I received an email from Amex regarding of a linked debit card, my Serve account doesn’t show any error message. So, you can still save money on GCs (again, except Visa and MasterCard) by paying with Target GCs which you buy with discount at eBay, cardpools, etc. Until the permanent card arrives, I can use a temporary card for reloads, purchases, ATM use. But, Target’s POS system recognizes the cards as prepaid GCs and even shows the remaining balance of GCs on the receipts. I wonder if it automatically drains the remaining balance and up to how many cards Target allows in a single transaction. When I placed the order, there were no purchase fee, and somehow REDcard 5% discount was applied (see detail here.) The back of the package says almost the same as one from Target Visa gift card. It is not a lot, but if you have another prepaid card that have a bill-pay feature (for myself, AmEx Serve), pay bills with both cards in turn. And the money in the card can be quickly unloaded by getting cash back with a purchase at stores.
Many people experienced the same problem, so probably, these GCs are no longer available for Walmart Swipe Reload. To make sure, I actually swiped my reloadable prepaid cards (Mango and PayPay prepaid) and proceeded until it prompted me to swipe a card of payment. Or, if I hit cancel on PIN pad right after a swipe, does it give me a chance to choose between debit and credit?
In case discounted TargetGCs are all sold out, keep in mind that Staples sells e-codes online. Maybe in the future, but I don’t want to wait for something uncertain and miss good Amex Offers.

In order to close the account, you need to unload the card completely, by bill pays or withdrawing to linked bank account, which takes 3 to 5 business days.
After ShopDiscover stopped being a partner with Target, I couldn’t find any cash back portals that pays on GCs purchases until yesterday.
By using self-checkout cashiers, you don’t have to feel awkward when you get a large amount of cash back with a small purchase. You can withdraw money at MoneyPass ATMs with no surcharge, but ATM owner fee would be charged. However, after I went home and searched about this on the internet, and I saw the websites here and there. And then I canceled because I just wanted to make sure it was working, and for both cards, it charges $3.74 reload fee.
A display of PIN pad prompted to sign for a moment and then automatically canceled the whole transaction.
As the store I went yesterday, I was worried that they stop accepting debit cards for reloads. Loading with credit cards was the main benefit of Redbird for me (and I suppose, for the most cardholders, too.) I mostly used AmexGCs for reloads. For this month, I have already done $1000 online reload, but in-store reload is only $1400 so far. The person who bought the temp card loaded $1 when activated at his or her local Target store. So, I guessed that the cashier didn’t know how to reload or that the store instructed cashiers to send customers to the customer service for reload. Using multiple prepaid cards to pay bills helps each payment smaller and interval between payments with the same card longer. 4 out of 7 are the store I found additionally with these visits, and the rest are the store I visited last year and confirmed they still allowed debit card load. That was a perfect opportunity of manufactured spending, but they started charging a fee next day and keep doing so since then.
Then she typed something on the register (probably the last four digits of the card.) Nothing else can check, anyway. So, I will need to review all benefits of both cards to decide which card is better for me.
You need to separate transactions with each gift cards, but it’s not a big deal because what you deal with is a machine.

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