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Update: Join (or follow along) with the 2014 edition of the 52 Week Money Challenge or the 2014 edition of the 52 week money making challenge. With the New Year, people are always looking for new ways to save money that isn’t difficult or complicated, and that can keep them motivated throughout the entire year. While the challenge is pretty simple and straightforward, there may be some that want to amend the challenge a bit. For those who get paid bi-weekly, it can be more convenient for them to do this challenge every two weeks (printable bi-weekly chart available) rather than each week. Not to be confused with the bi-weekly challenge, some people get paid two times a month, or 24 times a year.
For those who only get paid once a month, another option is to do a 12 month challenge (printable monthly chart available). If you are two times more motivated than most, you can try the Double Challenge (printable double chart available). If none of these challenges meets your exact needs, then why not build your own challenge that does? If you’re looking for a way to get your kids (or the whole family) involved with these challenges, you can do the save money challenge for kids as well. While the challenge is meant for saving, it can also be adapted to other things such as paying off debt. As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can adapt this simple concept to what your particular needs may be, while still keeping the simplicity of the concept. If you are saving to pay off debt, wouldn’t it make more sense to pay off the debt as you go so you don’t get even more interest?
If you are saving to pay off debt, wouldn’t it make more sense to pay off the debt as you go so you don’t get even more interest?
My husband and I began the 52 Week Financial Challenge July 2010 on You Tube and we are so grateful to God for how it continues to grow and grow and grow years later! I think that is one of the weaknesses of the original plan — it appears simple because the first weeks are so low, but come Dec, you need quite a lot.
I’m wondering how people are going to put $52 in savings if they can only afford $1 to start with.
I started this a few months ago and for the first time, I’m actually beginning an emergency fund! I think this is information is among the most vital info for me to help me begin an emergency fund. My husband and I did this plan this year to help us save up for a holiday vacation with our 3yr old daughter.
So in 2015 we will be saving $60 week for a family vacation, $10 a week for the workshop tool fund, $5-10 a week for our emergency fund and $5 a week for our Toys for Tots fund at Christmas. Here’s how to save money on your wedding day you need to decide what elements of a wedding are important to you as a couple.
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It is an outstanding venue at any time of the year hosting weddings for locals, Australian's and Worldwide. Wedding SpecialistsAbsolute Waterfront Dining, Sweeping Noosa River Views and Exclusive Wedding Ceremony Deck. The 52 week money challenge has gained quite a lot of popularity as a way to save money during the year, but it’s not the only way that one can save money. I didn’t know of any, but the more I thought about it, it became clear what she needed. The second important point is that until paying yourself first becomes a habit, it needs to be extremely easy to do.
There are two huge advantages to this challenge over the 52 week money challenge for those who have struggled to get their finances in order.

If you have attempted the 52 week challenge and failed (or you know a friend that has), I think you should seriously consider trying this challenge. There are people who have never been taught money management and are not aware that savings can be done in small amounts. Also, I hope you change your attitude and become empathetic toward others because you, yourself, may one day find yourself in need.
Could you suggest an institution that offers rates like these without already having a large balance?
Discover Savings will give you almost 1% interest and requires a $500 minimum opening deposit.
My poor mother was very bad with money and when her dog became ill I paid the vets bill and it was not cheap.
A note about making transfers to your savings account: all of my accounts limit the number of transfers that can be made (in or out, or both) per month. We all love a great vacation, even if it means going outside our frugal budgets once in a while. Nobody like mess and chaos at home, but sometimes it is really difficult and even impossible to keep some kind of a simple order in the kitchen or make the living room look larger, because there are so many stuffs there. Unless you’re super rich, you probably need to keep track of where your money is going each month.
Valentine’s Day – that one day of the year when it’s absolutely unforgivable to ignore your significant other.
Big sales spring up all the time at various retailers and they are a great way to save money.
Homeowners insurance is a necessity if you own your home, and it’s not something you can just cut like a Starbucks run if you want to save money.
Flowers make for such beautiful gifts, are such a fabulous way of expressing sentiments and are, without a doubt, one of the prettiest decorations for any occasion and venue. Now that we’re officially into 2013, let’s talk about one of our favorite things: saving money!
BillCutterz has been helping people save money on their monthly bills since 2009.Our Savings Experts are specially trained to find you the best rates possible on your bills. It seems like Facebook has provided a simple plan (courtesy of Kassondra Perry-Moreland) this year that anyone can follow and it’ll result in over $1300 worth of savings by December 31, 2013. Since the end of the year is a time when money is tight for many people due to the holiday season, one way to change the challenge to take this into account is by reversing the payment period. In this hybrid model, you print out the above image (or make your own) and you shoot for the highest amount you can each week.
For them, it can be more convenient to do a twice a month challenge (printable bi-monthly chart available). This greatly condenses the number of payments you make from 52 to 12, but if you know that the only way you are able to save money is to pay yourself first, this could be a good option to help with the success of saving money. Instead of beginning with a single dollar week one, you begin with $2, week two you put away $4, and in week fifty-two you stash $104.
You can take a blank 52 week money challenge (printable) and insert the numbers that work best for your financial situation. In this case you’re doing the same exact same thing, but you have challenge sheets that use quarters, dimes, nickels or pennies that can be used for the kids so they can save the appropriate amount for what they are earning. Instead of putting the amount each week into savings, simply place that amount toward the minimum payment of your credit card bill.
The best part is that if you’re able to succeed, you will have nearly $1400 in savings which makes for an excellent emergency fund, or have paid off an extra $1400 worth of debt (which will save you much more than that in interest payments you would have had to pay if you did it slower).
When I say grow…it has grown to THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people doing it on FB, Instagram, Twitter and all over the web.
You aren’t taking the money out of your wallet each week, but are actually finding ways each week to save that week’s allotment of money? My BF often finds no work during the winter months and can work 7 days a week during the summer.
If they can afford $25 to $50 a week wouldn’t it be better to put that amount in savings in the first place?
It gives a person the flexibility to put down more during weeks they are doing well, and less when things are a bit tougher. Options to reduce beverage costs could include limiting to beer, wine and a signature cocktail and keep champagne at the bar only for those who ask for it. I had a good heart-to-heart talk with a woman who told me that she loved the concept of the 52 week money challenge, but she simply couldn’t do it. She liked the concept, but dreaded when it was time to put money away, because she didn’t have it when the week ended. They say it takes three weeks to form a habit, so it’s important to make saving as easy as possible for those first 21 days. Each morning when you get up, you need to pay yourself some amount before you do anything else. First, after printing out the challenge sheet, you need to place it somewhere where you’ll absolutely see it each and every morning, someplace like on the mirror in your bathroom.
You need to go to your purse or wallet and actually place the amount you decide to pay yourself that day into a jar (or other container) which is specifically for this challenge. The first is that you’re starting with such small amounts that anyone, no matter what their current financial situation, can participate in it. Not sure how practical the small amounts are when you end up needing to have change available every day to cover your deposits to the fund. I round every purchase up to the next dollar amount I also round every deposit into my checking down to the next dollar. Enjoy your retirement stretching every penny because you failed to see the importance of a 401k or retirement fund.
I’m artistic and love to build and do things but numbers are not my friend when it comes to money. I started the 52 Week one in November of last year and this challenge at the beginning of January.
I looked at the original numbers and I think over $21 dollars at the end of December will be tough. The kids like putting their money in each day and if I have figured correctly it will be around 4026.00 at the end of the year.

Taking a fun trip is a good way to relax and recharge, but it can also be stressful – planning and budgeting is tough, but your vacation doesn’t have to break your bank. One of the easiest ways to do that is to use one or more of the many tools available online.
Even if they’ve told you that they don’t want or expect anything, you must know that they do. There are some things you must keep in mind, however, before you begin your shopping spree. Especially if one is not smart enough about it and does not do all the calculations properly.
From everyday decor to special events such as weddings and parties, flowers are a great way to infuse positivity and spirit into any room. This way, instead of beginning with $1, you’d start with $52 the first week and working your way down to $1 the final week of the year. For example, if week one you were able to save $46, you would cross out the $46 at the bottom and you no longer have that amount to worry about.
This variation simply allows you to pay toward the challenge when you get paid making it easier to pay yourself first.
This gives you a lot of flexibility and you can shoot for numbers that make the most sense for your particular family.
This is an excellent way to get kids to participate in the saving process, and if you can get them into the habit of doing this on a weekly basis, they will be in much better financial shape when they are on their own. I think one could also use a similar system as a way to start making extra payment towards debt. If it it just taking money out of your wallet, I know I sure don’t have an extra $200 in December (or any month) to put into savings. Another option for those on a limited budget is the 365 Day Money Challenge with starts with 1 penny and saves about $668 during the year. Plus I wrote out a list of stuff I was buying and figure if I cut out some stuff I can save that money as well. She explained that each week when she needed to put aside the money for that week, she would panic.
It needs to be visible so that it’s in your face each morning so that it can never be accidentally forgotten. That payment is being paid to yourself, and it’s just as important as any payment you make to a store, bill or service. Even though the amount that needs to be saved isn’t much, the process of thinking about it will cross your mind each morning as you pay yourself.
If you do attempt this challenge, it’s still worthwhile following the 2014 Savings Challenge and 2014 Making Money Challenge as both will give you good ideas on how you can afford to make the higher daily payments. You also might be able to find deals from Discover that will give you an extra $25-$100 free for opening an account. We have prepared some tips so you can have a less hectic and better organized day when that time comes around. There are actually a number of different ways to approach this challenge depending on what you feel will work best for you. This hybrid method would mean money payments being more at the beginning, but getting easier as the year goes on. Since there are always unexpected circumstances where some weeks you just aren’t going to have a lot of money while other weeks it will be much easier to save, this hybrid method gives you the flexibility to cater the challenge to the reality of life.
Doing it in combination with a snowball method is a great way to add weekly snowflakes toward debt to speed up the entire debt reduction process. The first couple of months were okay because the dollar amounts were low, but as they started to increase, the weekend became a time of terror because she knew she needed to put away money that she didn’t have. She also needed a challenge where the amount of money she was supposed to save was small until saving became a habit. By the end of the year, paying yourself and saving money each day will be a natural part of your day. I basically pick random amounts on the chart and see what I have in my wallet (I don’t carry a lot of cash) and change purse that day. You probably have access to the web at home, at work, on your cell phone and maybe on a tablet or gaming console.
This should be relatively easy since the dollar amounts are so low the first couple of months.
The panic the woman had was because she didn’t have the money to save each week because she waited until the end to pay toward the challenge. When you are only thinking about saving once a week, it can turn into a situation where saving money is only thought about at the last minute at the end of the week, and the entire process never gets instilled as a habit.
By saving as much as possible, you should be able to knock off the higher amounts quickly, but if the unexpected does happen and there are a few weeks where you can only save a small amount, you have that flexibility that allows you to continue without feeling as if you failed. You can work harder and maybe have enough money to barely scrape by, when all this time you could have been saving. At the end of the week, count up your savings, transfer that amount, and then put those coins back in the original jar and start over. I think that it is not just the saving each day, but building and maintaining the habit of depositing daily. While not quite as simple as the standard model, I think it would work better for most people considering how life usually works. You’re still working on this habit and keeping yourself accountable without needing endless amounts of change or to make daily small transfers. I always deposit at night before I go to sleep so I don’t forget during the hectic morning rush. Even better, you will have formed the essential financial habit of paying yourself first which will be an asset the rest of your life.

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