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If you’re in the market to buy a car, you’re probably experiencing a large range of emotions; excitement, thrill, nervousness, and butterflies in your stomach. Use a payment calculator to estimate monthly payments based on interest rates and the total loan amount. Instead of getting a loan and paying interest, save up and buy a car with cash. Not everyone can save up thousands of dollars, but if you can, you have greater room to negotiate with the sales person for the best price.
Instead of trading in your car for a new one at the dealership, pocket more cash by selling it on your own.
Everyone knows the moment you drive a brand new car off the lot, the value drops significantly (sometimes up to 20%).
Yes, a sunroof, satellite radio, rear-view camera, heated seats and a leather interior are all very nice additions in a car… but do you really need all of those fancy upgrades and gadgets?
By having just a few automobiles in mind you like (and having done research on each, including a fair purchase price), you won’t have your time wasted by being haggled and spending too much money.
If you’ve done your homework and step onto a dealership with confidence, then you will be driving off the lot with a feeling of accomplishment and pure thrill.
BillCutterz has been helping people save money on their monthly bills since 2009.Our Savings Experts are specially trained to find you the best rates possible on your bills. As I started telling them that what damage impulse buying can do to their finances, my hyperactive shopper friend Ritu shot back: "what is impulse shopping?
Well all this activity is to control impulse buying but when we are out to shop what precautions should we take?" This was my friend Asmita. Salespeople are good at their jobs and they’ll make you think you’re getting a great deal, when in fact you aren’t. Once you’ve figured out a ballpark amount in your price range, get pre-approved for financing before you start shopping.
It also gives you more power to find the right car for you because you can focus on shopping instead of worrying about financing. No, it’s not as speedy as an instant offer at a car lot, but you will definitely get more money selling it on your own than trading it in.

It’s so important to go shopping for a car with confidence and knowledge of exactly what you want so you know if you’re getting a fair deal or not. Don’t be bossed around; you make the calls and you do the negotiating, not the other way around. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Between the high prices, need for negotiating, and pushy sales tactics, it can be overwhelming to make sure you get the best car for your budget.
It’s recommended to allocate no more than about 20% of your household income to all cars being driven by members in your home.
Finding the best auto loan boils down to getting the lowest interest rate and making sure your monthly payment fits your budget and lifestyle. This will give you negotiating power so you don’t need to rely on dealerships for financing, and it lets you walk away from a bad deal. By buying used, you’re already saving a gargantuan amount of money rather than buying brand new. Aside from shopping in August, Mondays and Tuesdays (closer to closing time) are great days and times to shop during the week.
Be sure to include our tips to save money when buying a car in your homework, before you go out shopping!
If you do your research, know what’s fair and what isn’t, then you’re bound to leave the dealership feeling like you’ve won. When choosing your auto loan, pick the shortest loan you can afford because you want to pay off your car when it still has a long life before needing any significant repairs. The more you detailed you are, the easier it will be for someone to give you a call because they’d like to see it in person.
Be sure and do your research on a particular used car you’re interested in, before you sign the papers.
No, you don’t have to get the most basic model, but certainly don’t waste your money on a model with all the bells and whistles; shoot for somewhere in the middle.

One of the worst times of the year to buy is spring time, particularly, right around tax returns. Or say if you go to buy a gift for your friend and come loaded with gifts for yourself," I offered my piece of my mind to my friends.
Crunch the numbers so you can have an accurate budget and get peace of mind knowing you won’t regret this decision later on. Take a test drive and really pay attention to acceleration, brakes, sounds it makes and so on. Dealerships know people have extra cash and they’ll be advertising to “spend your tax returns on a new car”… don’t! Another benefit of buying used rather than new, is insurance costs are reduced because a used car has less value than a new car.
So much so that it is therapeutic too and that is why there is a term dedicated to it: retail therapy. If you do it judiciously, it will have magical effect but if you don't, it can have very drastic effect on your finances," I countered bravely looking into her eyes. When you're out shopping, if you have the urge to buy, remember these goals and ask yourself whether these purchases will help you meet your goals or not," I said.
By planning well and sticking to this shopping list (of course with 10-20 per cent variations) you'll visit those stores only from where you have to make the purchases.
You can invest in term deposits, popularly known as FDs, recurring deposits, SIPs or debt mutual funds to meet your short-term goals whereas to meet your long-term goals you can invest in PPF, SIPs in equity mutual funds and gold funds. Once these dedicated investments are in place you can splurge on your long cherished watches, shoes, bags, dresses and what not as you have earmarked your money to take care of your future," I ratted in a single breath waiting for a huge applause from my friends. They moved on with the promise to come up with their goals and investment amount they want to dedicate to fulfill their goals.

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