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The 52 week money challenge has gained quite a lot of popularity as a way to save money during the year, but it’s not the only way that one can save money. I didn’t know of any, but the more I thought about it, it became clear what she needed. The second important point is that until paying yourself first becomes a habit, it needs to be extremely easy to do. There are two huge advantages to this challenge over the 52 week money challenge for those who have struggled to get their finances in order. If you have attempted the 52 week challenge and failed (or you know a friend that has), I think you should seriously consider trying this challenge. There are people who have never been taught money management and are not aware that savings can be done in small amounts. Also, I hope you change your attitude and become empathetic toward others because you, yourself, may one day find yourself in need. Could you suggest an institution that offers rates like these without already having a large balance? Discover Savings will give you almost 1% interest and requires a $500 minimum opening deposit. My poor mother was very bad with money and when her dog became ill I paid the vets bill and it was not cheap. A note about making transfers to your savings account: all of my accounts limit the number of transfers that can be made (in or out, or both) per month.
As Microsoft continues to readjust to changing market trends in computing, mobility and productivity, its Office 365 cloud based office suite has managed to flourish in all three categories.
Ironic as it may sound, Nic Richards, the IT manager at Dakine, believes using Office 365 reflects the laid back culture at Dakine. I wanted to find business productivity solutions that reflect our corporate culture: people are laid back here, but dedicated,” says Richards. The use of Office 365 for Dakine has led to better mobile productivity among employees and interoperable communications with their partners. While productivity can often result in indirect savings for a company, Richards has attributed the use of Office 365 in a direct cost savings for Dakine.
Lastly, using IM capabilities that come with Office 365, Dakine’s customer service employees have been able to boost their customer service output by reducing the average time answer time for customer query by 30 percent.
I had a good heart-to-heart talk with a woman who told me that she loved the concept of the 52 week money challenge, but she simply couldn’t do it. She liked the concept, but dreaded when it was time to put money away, because she didn’t have it when the week ended. They say it takes three weeks to form a habit, so it’s important to make saving as easy as possible for those first 21 days.

Each morning when you get up, you need to pay yourself some amount before you do anything else. First, after printing out the challenge sheet, you need to place it somewhere where you’ll absolutely see it each and every morning, someplace like on the mirror in your bathroom. You need to go to your purse or wallet and actually place the amount you decide to pay yourself that day into a jar (or other container) which is specifically for this challenge.
The first is that you’re starting with such small amounts that anyone, no matter what their current financial situation, can participate in it. Not sure how practical the small amounts are when you end up needing to have change available every day to cover your deposits to the fund.
I round every purchase up to the next dollar amount I also round every deposit into my checking down to the next dollar. Enjoy your retirement stretching every penny because you failed to see the importance of a 401k or retirement fund.
I’m artistic and love to build and do things but numbers are not my friend when it comes to money. I started the 52 Week one in November of last year and this challenge at the beginning of January.
I looked at the original numbers and I think over $21 dollars at the end of December will be tough. Office 365 has helped drive increases in Microsoft’s commercial cloud revenue year over year and is a huge part of Microsoft’s projected $8 billion dollars annualized run rate. Over the past couple of years, we’ve reported on countless companies who have either become more cost efficient, productive, secure or mobile using Office 365.
The design company needed new business technologies that matched their increasingly mobile workforce. Dakine was able to save roughly $100,000 by not having to purchase and maintain both software and hardware for the company’s on-premises Exchange solution. As Dakine continues to make full use of Office 365 for its productivity needs, it should come as no surprise that the company has plans to utilize more of Microsoft’s cloud offerings. She explained that each week when she needed to put aside the money for that week, she would panic. It needs to be visible so that it’s in your face each morning so that it can never be accidentally forgotten. That payment is being paid to yourself, and it’s just as important as any payment you make to a store, bill or service.
Even though the amount that needs to be saved isn’t much, the process of thinking about it will cross your mind each morning as you pay yourself. If you do attempt this challenge, it’s still worthwhile following the 2014 Savings Challenge and 2014 Making Money Challenge as both will give you good ideas on how you can afford to make the higher daily payments.

You also might be able to find deals from Discover that will give you an extra $25-$100 free for opening an account.
Sports apparel designer Dakine has recently joined the list of Office 365 customers who are benefiting from Microsoft’s continued push into cloud-connected productivity. After all things had been considered, Dakine decided Microsoft Office 365 was the best solution for its multifaceted situation. The assist of KAMIND IT also helped Richards and Dakine smoothly execute an inbox migration from former parent company Billabong servers to Exchange Online.
Eventually, Dakine would like to incorporate Microsoft’s SharePoint Online to help build stronger relationships with its retailers in the future. The first couple of months were okay because the dollar amounts were low, but as they started to increase, the weekend became a time of terror because she knew she needed to put away money that she didn’t have. She also needed a challenge where the amount of money she was supposed to save was small until saving became a habit. By the end of the year, paying yourself and saving money each day will be a natural part of your day. I basically pick random amounts on the chart and see what I have in my wallet (I don’t carry a lot of cash) and change purse that day. Beyond addressing its employees need for cloud-based communications and collaborations, Office 365 enabled Dakine to drive productivity while lowering the company’s IT infrastructure costs.
The panic the woman had was because she didn’t have the money to save each week because she waited until the end to pay toward the challenge. When you are only thinking about saving once a week, it can turn into a situation where saving money is only thought about at the last minute at the end of the week, and the entire process never gets instilled as a habit. You can work harder and maybe have enough money to barely scrape by, when all this time you could have been saving. At the end of the week, count up your savings, transfer that amount, and then put those coins back in the original jar and start over. I think that it is not just the saving each day, but building and maintaining the habit of depositing daily.
You’re still working on this habit and keeping yourself accountable without needing endless amounts of change or to make daily small transfers. I always deposit at night before I go to sleep so I don’t forget during the hectic morning rush. Even better, you will have formed the essential financial habit of paying yourself first which will be an asset the rest of your life.

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