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While lawyers are using dictation tools in their everyday practice, many shy away from pairing those tools with speech recognition solutions remembering the inaccurate and time-consuming options from the past.
Virginia HOA and Business Law Blog: Part 1 on Virginia’s Unauthorized Practice of Law Rules and HOAs – Where do we find guidance?
Mention the unauthorized practice of law when discussing homeowner and condominium associations and typically the room gets very quiet. We previously blogged on questions of the unauthorized practice of law when an unlicensed attorney serves on the association’s Board of Directors. The Virginia State Bar maintains a page of the rules on its website entitled Unauthorized Practice of Law (“UPL Rules”). The right of individuals to represent themselves is an inalienable right common to all natural persons. Specifically, the relation of attorney and client exists, and one is deemed to be practicing law whenever (1) One undertakes for compensation, direct or indirect, to advise another, not his regular employer in any matter involving the application of legal principles to facts or purposes or desires. Therefore, unless there is an exception, if a person does not possess an active Virginia State Bar license, that person cannot provide “legal advice” or “legal services” to another. Republished by Blog Post PromoterSusan TarleySusan chairs the firm's common interest community (HOAs and Condos) practice area. Filed under: Business Law, Common Interest Community, HOA, HOA litigation, John Tarley, Susan B. Postal Order FormYou can also make credit card and cheque purchases using our printable order form.
Family Law in Practice: A Study of Cases in the Circuit Court is the first book to examine the workings of the Irish family law courts.

This book examines empirical data from court files and the author’s personal observations from court proceedings, using both statistical and legal analysis.
Family Law in Practice: A study of Cases in the Circuit Court outline trends in the practice of family law in the courts relating to the likelihood of settlement, the issues most likely to be contentious and the outcomes both in settled and in contested cases. During this program we will survey some of the speech solutions currently out in the market and how they can do more than draft correspondence and briefs. Associations, board members and managers strive to keep their budgets low, but compliance with new laws and regulations, keeping up with the collection of assessments, and the upswing in litigation involving homeowner and condominium associations makes it very difficult.
In our next two blogs, we will review other issues involving questions of the unauthorized practice of law. But no one has the right to represent another; it is a privilege to be granted and regulated by law for the protection of the public.
The obvious follow-up question is “What constitutes ‘legal advice?’” We will address that issue in a subsequent blog post. Prior to the implementation in 2005 of the Courts and Civil Liability Act 2004 the courts could not be accessed by researchers for the purposes of reporting on and seeking to examine how family law worked in practice, due to the operation of the in camera rule.
It is set within the context of international and Irish literature on the theory and practice of family law, but acknowledges the elementary need for basic primary research in an Irish context. Common assumptions about the family law system in the context of the facts are questioned and found to be misplaced. Our business law experts have unparalleled experience in serving both individual and institutional clients in Canada and overseas. We serve mostly Chinese investors and Chinese business owners actively doing business in both Canada and China.The owner of Brighid Law Corporation Sophie Liang is an experienced business lawyer.

In addition, all registrants will receive a set of downloadable course materials and free access to the archived online program. When matters become a “legal issue,” board members and managers are best advised to seek legal counsel to ensure that the association is being adequately protected and represented, and that the board members and the managers are not engaging in activities that the Commonwealth might find to be the unauthorized practice of law. In this blog, we discuss where we look for guidance, and in a subsequent blog, we will review Virginia decisions and opinions on the unauthorized practice of law. In the meantime, the best course of action is to provide specific questions to your experienced attorney and let them provide you an opinion. This was changed by the 2004 Act, permitting access to the family courts by bona fide family law researchers. The identification of flaws in the family law system is highlighted as are recommendations for the future. We work closely with clients to choose the most optimal company structure that suits the clients’ needs.
Otherwise, if the services provided are determined to be the unauthorized practice of law, the potential liabilities include (1) possible criminal charges, because the unauthorized practice of law of is a Class 1 misdemeanor, (2) liability to the association, especially if you make a mistake, (3) possibility that a claim made by the association will not be covered by any insurance coverage, and (4) possible action by the Common Interest Community Board under manager regulations.

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