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One hundred years since the first telephone was introduced in Australia, Telstra is parading a new version of the telephone for use in Australian homes, with the integration of a seven inch tablet with home phones and entertainment systems.
Launched as an update to 2010’s Telstra T-Hub, the new incarnation of the product is a complete overhaul of the tablet based phone system, ditching the proprietary tablet it previously used and switching it with an Android tablet that works (and is bundled) with a cordless phone.
It’s the slate that stays at home, with WiFi and DECT connectivity built into the 7 inch tablet, allowing you to surf the web, download apps and play games, as well as make phone calls from the tablet itself. Support for DLNA devices is also thrown in with the Telstra T-Share DLNA controller, and if you have a Telstra T-Box in your home, there’s even an app designed to turn your T-Hub controller into a big seven inch remote.
We had a quick hands on with the new T-Hub and found it to be quite a cool little piece of technology, and exactly what the first T-Hub should have been. Finally, Telstra has seen the light and is taking advantage of a tablet that uses an operating system that can not only be updated, but has a massive supply of apps already available for the platform.
The screen is also capacitive and didn’t feel slow in our hands-on with it, which is good news for both kids and adults who are used to solid response times from their equipment.

With a stand built right into the T-Hub 2 tablet and a speakerphone stand available to use, it’s easy to see why people would keep it in the kitchen for both phone calls and web browsing use, especially in the case of checking out recipes. The T-Hub 2 will be available outright for $360 and is packaged with a cordless phone, but it can also be grabbed on a Telstra T-Bundle on a two year contract for $15 per month, with the units expected to hit stores this week from Tuesday. DeLonghi’s latest machine may have a name deserving of people who fancy themselves over the top, but its quality speaks volumes enough that its actually deserved.
A brand synonymous with excellent audio, KEF is at it again with a pair of on-ear headphones that aim to bring audio to a compact and fashionable package. LG’s quest for the ultimate flagship phone has been all about constant evolution, and for its 2016 attempt, we’re seeing the best one yet.
Telstra's Tough Max isn't like your ordinary phone, because if you need something that feels like it has been made for Australia, this may well be it. One feature on the iPad Pro can only be used with style of accessory: the dock connector, and it can only talk to keyboard cases.

Imagine if you never had to wear an earphone again and could just hear the music in your head.
The tablet-sized smartphone known as the “phablet” may not have won everyone over, but if you like big screens, you’re there for life, and Huawei’s Mate 8 could just get you to update. It’s harder than every to choose a phone, and if you’re over what the big guys offer and are curious to see what an Aussie thinks the “flagship” should be, Kogan has something for you to see. Despite this, the screen has an interesting resistance to it, almost so that it feels resistive, even if the display technology is better.

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