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There’s even an unexpected do-it-yourself angle: You know how in Minecraft you have go out and actually scavenge resources to create stuff? Add what you like and remove what you hate!Want a small simple shack located by a beautiful river? Build your home to reflect it!Choose from one of 4 "Themes" to decorate your home, these themes can be mixed and matched for "hybrid" designs.
More info on designs below (FANCY IMAGES!)Also available is a hidden lair that can reflect Werewolves or Vampires!
Keep an axe handy and a pickaxe at your side, finallyyou have reason to go out there and collect stuff!The home is situated just outside of the Abandoned Prison, at Lucky's Shack.
If you've never been to the abandoned prison, its essentially right at the fork in the road between Riften, WIndhelm, and Whiterun. TRavel from Whiterun to Riften and after you pass the bandit tower you come to a winding cliff road, then a bridge.
When you reach the bridge you have made it to the home.Once there, be sure to pick up Lucky's Journal inside the (convenient!) shed, where you can alsostore all of your building materials.

The barrel is only there for convenient storage, you need to have the materials on your person :pQ.
Punch him, I don't know why this happens but punching him always solves it for me, he willl ignore the gesture and continue on sleeping. If you have a CTD, there is no clear way to solve it other than you taking the time to adjust your mod load order or check for conflicts. Trying to get spouses to live in a modded home isn't really easy to do, and will ultimitely conflict with any other mod that tries to do the same. Its not practical to even try, instead use this mod:Spouses can live anywhereIts better than the vanilla system. Werewolves are openly hostile toward one another, and Hircine tells them to kill one another enough for it to make sense. ALL the books stored in the shelf are deleted, and worse off the space the books occupied remain.
If you continue to forget to remove books before you remove the furniture, your bookshelf will end up being filled with no books.

Loot Lucky's body before you remove the ruined shack, he has a treasure map on him that actually initiates a hidden quest by enabling a chest. Sometimes he falls into the rubble below the home, you may have to do some swimming to get to him. Example: The exterior smithy hangs off of the watch tower, so you cannot build the smithy until the watch tower is built. This should make it nice and compatible with tons of other mods!This mod took 980 lines of scripting!
Here are someimages that do that job for me!Now that your home is complete, how to decorate the interior?

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