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If you have Microsoft Word or Publisher, it is quite easy to make your own certificates for teacher appreciation. Introduce your kids to basic color wheel theory by helping them to make their own color chart and wheel.
Kids will learn about the effects and results of mixing different colors together to form new shades. They will be introduced to the relationships of colors on a basic wheel - which they can paint in themselves. Preschoolers are usually only interested in mixing primary colors to create secondary ones, and mixing secondary colors to create tertiary shades. It is interesting to change basic color combinations by simply adding black or white paint to create new colours. This is a fun introduction to colors project, and once completed, your child will have a color chart to refer to when painting or when experimenting with combinations.

Depending on the age of your child, this project can be completed over several sessions if necessary. Add the required colors to a palette - or to small containers - and have your child mix the required colors. They can paint directly onto the sheets of paper, which once dry can be glued to the chart.
To personalize the chart, have your child paint his or her favourite color onto the sheet provided and glue onto the chart. Any type of paint can be used for this project, however poster paint and acrylic paint works well.
You can make use of the free certificate templates available within either Word or Publisher and tailor it to suit your needs. No other combination of colours can create primary colors, however all other shades can be mixed in various combinations to make even more variations.

They will also more easily remember which colors they need to make the color they want and how black and white affects shades. Once your child has completed the primary and secondary color sheets, they can then make a lighter version by adding white to each final color they mix, and a darker version by adding black to each final color they mix.
Learn how to create custom teacher appreciation certificates and download free templates as well. Include a signature line so that you can show from whom the teacher is receiving the certificate. There are templates for Publisher as well as Word, and you can customize them to make them your own.

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