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To get into push up position, lie chest-down with your hands flat at shoulder level and your toes bent over your feet so that the balls of your foot are touching the surface. Curl each of your fingers underneath your hands toward the palm so that your upper body weight is rests on the knuckles.

If your knuckles are particularly painful, do not continue the exercise until they have had a couple of days to rest.
When your hands start to become less sore after knuckle push-ups on soft surfaces, try a short set or two on a hard surface and see how your hands feel.
You will want to continually but slowly increase the strength of the surface to improve bone density in the knuckles, but doing too much too quickly can result in knuckle fractures.
Start out with a couple of minutes a day, two or three times a week, and work your way up as your knuckles cease to be sore after sessions.

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