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Beef Jerky is closely associated with early cowboys, but we think it’s even earlier than that, it’s from biblical times. Come check us out in the next few days, as we are going to ‘spice it up’ for you with some amazing recipes for Spicy Kosher Beef Jerky! In the next few days, we will post some yummy recipes so you too can create your Spicy Kosher Beef Jerky at home. The Kosher Innovations Shabbos Bathroom Tissue replaces the regular roll of toilet paper and hangs within easy reach. As you know, some brands of facial tissues have sheets that are connected by tiny perforations.
The colorful box hanging in the bathroom stands out as special item for Shabbos and Yom Tov.
Watch this video to see how quickly and easily you can replace the regular toilet paper roll with the Shabbos Bathroom Tissue.
There are four main categories of prohibited melacha related to brushing teeth on Shabbos with a REGULAR toothbrush and REGULAR toothpaste.

The rubber bristles of the Shabbos Toothbrush™ are far enough apart that it is obvious that liquid does not get absorbed into the bristles and is not squeezed out.
Spreading a cream or ointment onto an object used as an applicator to the body is prohibited on Shabbos. It pulls easily from the box just like facial tissue but unlike facial tissue, it is sized just right so it's easier on the toilet. The decorative dispenser box clearly indicates to you, your family and your guests that this bathroom tissue is made especially for Shabbos. The durable cardboard material won’t break off of the roll holder and is strong enough to withstand heavy use, even by children. As an extra benefit, by using the Shabbos Bathroom Tissue and removing the regular toilet paper roll, you also remove the potential for guests to accidentally tear paper on Shabbos! When wet, densely packed nylon bristles of a regular toothbrush are pressed against the teeth, many poskim consider it is as if the water is squeezed out of the bristles and forbid using a wet toothbrush. In the extremely rare case that very sensitive gums bleed even with the Shabbos Toothbrush™, consult your local Rabbi and see your dentist!

Therefore, most poskim prohibit use of regular toothpaste or gel applied to any toothbrush. For some poskim who permit the use of a regular toothbrush without toothpaste this prohibition would apply to using one's weekday toothbrush and they require a separate and even distinctive toothbrush for Shabbos. Each multi-pack contains four attractively colored boxes to complement any bathroom decor. Pardes uses the highest quality ingredients--pastured meats, local vegetables, and house-made pastries. Children, who are notorious for grabbing fistfuls of facial tissue won't clog the toilet with the Shabbos Bathroom Tissue. Chef Moshe Wendel mixes his classical French training with eclectic influences to create an innovative, breathtaking cuisine.

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