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Well guys, the DVD drives manufacturers reporting each month a declining in their production as most of the software and games can be downloaded from the internet, or stored in cloud. I can’t tell you how awesome it is that you posted this!For a long time, I have been looking for a proper tutorial on creating bootable USBs. If you have opted to go in BIOS look for any entry that says a€?Boota€? or a€?Boot Ordera€? and make sure that USB has the highest priority on the system. Your computer should pick up the installation files on the USB drive automatically and installation should commence.
Once the format will be completed, you can move to the next step and create the Windows 8 installer.

If it asks for a License number, input your original key (assuming that you have one already).
To do that modify the setting from the BIOS machine (with F1, F1, Delete, Esc or another key that is highlighted on the screen when it boots up), or press F12 to bring up the boot menu selection. This entire process will take just a few minutes to finish depending on your broadband connection. Insert your USB key to the computer and open a command prompt as administrator (I am putting all of the commands to type in quotes, leave the quotes out when entering them).
To break this down the diskpart steps make the thumb drive bootable and the xcopy command and switches make an exact copy of all the files from the ISO to the thumb drive.

I want to stress the importance again of making sure you have the correct disk number when using diskpart as the clean command will remove any data on the disk that is selected.

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