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Even though Michael Keaton is really just doing what any parent should do in this movie, male or female, it still totally stresses me out to see him run around trying to take care of the house. I’m talking about both the original and the remake, but mostly the remake because kids these days are monsters. Poor Walter Matthau just wants to have a nice retirement, but that douche Dennis has to go and ruin it. Our Delicious Sexy Willy Wonka Fancy Dress Costume comes complete with a Vivid Purple Tailcoat Jacket with Gold Buttons and a Satin Effect Yellow Tutu Dress.

Joan Crawford is just a single mom trying to get by, but her daughter Anne Blyth is the opposite of grateful. Her tantrum haunts my dreams, and honestly if she were my kid I think I’d be pretty relieved to see her fall down that egg chute.
For a while my daughter went through a sleepwalking stage and she would meander down the stairs and start shaking and babbling. I guess the odds of my daughter stealing my husband and framing me for murder are slim, but I’m not risking it.

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