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I think that some people have way more money than one person could ever possibly need, but I seriously doubt that anyone has enough to make indiscriminate redistribution worthwhile in a meaningful sense.
For example, if you were to liquidate the total net worth of all of the world’s rich folks ($46 trillion), and distribute it to everyone living in poverty (3 billion), each person would get a one-time payment of around $15k. I say that the best way for global positive change is for the average person to stop viewing wealthy people as resources to be mined by the government for extra cash, and instead to start viewing them as the guardians of our way of life. When you sign up for popular advertising affiliate programs, they send you code to place on your website. This sounds like a pretty straight-forward task, but increasing traffic is probably the hardest part about running a website.
That might instantaneously change millions of peoples lives, but it would eventually trickle up again into the coffers of the people who control the structures that our society runs on, and I’d guess that there would be at least another 3 billion poor in just a few generations.

It’s those structures that need to change, not the financial standing of the people controlling them. If rich folks were to tank their companies, or stop skillfully managing their assets, it would put a lot more than 3 billion in the poor house. Not only are there ways to make your website more user-friendly and have a better chance at making more money, there are also ways to generate more traffic as well.
The last you thing you need is Google removing your Adsense account, because that is one of the biggest ways you can generate revenue. Even if you didn’t have to worry about being banned from affiliate programs, you would still want your ads to stand out anyway.
More views and more clicks means more money for you, so even if you increase traffic by 10 percent, you’ll be able to earn much more.

Instead, I think we ought to start thinking about ways to leverage more of these hard-working, influential people to create widespread change. But since Google Adsense and Adbrite randomly rotate ads, you won’t have to worry about dominant ads.
If you have multiple Michigan GMC dealers sites, you might have to use this tip more than others.

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