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Entire conventions in Las Vegas (and other big cities) are held just on the concept on how people make money with social media. All of that out of the way, how can my measly blog post help you MORE than any paid course and any packed convention?
The first thing you need to do to make money with social media in network marketing is to put away your wallet! The thing to realize when it comes to how to make money with social media through network marketing is that you got to keep it simple right. Not all of your network marketing sponsoring strategies need to be crazy simple, but there should be a fundamental strategy that is super simple to duplicate that everyone can start making money quickly with.
The next rule that you need to stick by is that building and adding friends to your list is fantastic, but it is not important.
If you have 5,000 people in a crowded room and you suddenly shout at them something, what do you think the response rate is going to be? Now if you had 5,000 people who KNOW you and have COMMUNICATED with you, and you have something cool to offer them, how much more likely are they to respond to you? You do not need a blog, a website, a marketing funnel, or anything along those lines to do this either. The next portion of your success is to make sure that you are messaging your friends you make on facebook.
Now if you’re looking for a proven method, and I say method not a bunch of tricks, that you can implement if you want to scale up, I would highly recommend you look into this method.
Kevin literally spent over $50,000 in research and study to learn and master the art of Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing so that he could teach people and businesses how to effectively grow their online presence.
Since then, he has personally worked with some of the top gurus in the industry including Mari Smith, Russell Brunson, Jerry Chen, Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling, and many others.

I run into so many people who want learn how to make money and they just don’t know where to begin. Its not hard if your willing to take the time to invest in yourself to learn the strategies that are involved so you know all the different ways to make money online. Build Friendship.  I want to encourage you to have a real friend you meet from your online activities.
About Santoso Santoso“I Love teaching people how to get More Leads, Sales and earn 100% profits. Some of these courses are selling between $5 dollars upwards to several thousands of dollars. Before I diss ALL of them, there are some really good courses out there, but they should only be bought after much due diligence.
If you read my blog pretty regularly, you know then that I have a few rules when it comes to social media marketing. You see, a lot of people believe that if they just RUSH to getting that 5,000 friend mark they will suddenly be making a killing on facebook.
If you really want to supercharge your growth, create a questions script that you follow and that your team can follow to help them out as they go out there to prospect other people over social media. Mind you, I have been using this method for some time now and it’s been giving me the results that I have always dreamed about. This is the second video in a multi part series that focuses on teaching you how to make money online and scale up your business. They hear the stories of people discovering how to make money fast online and they think no problem how hard can it be. If you used a crazy complex strategy to win them over, you are already shooting yourself in the foot.

The numero uno in my list of network marketing success tips is of course… no spamming! You should know what spam is by this point if you have been around the network marketing world for any length of time. His business is centered on teaching people how to build an Online Network Marketing Business using Social Media. Real conversations lead to real relationships which will lead to real money in your downline and allow you to make money on social media hand over fist.
How would it make you feel to know that you have discovered the solution to how to earn money online and you can now make money even when your asleep because you have learned the right strategies? It is not easy I know it !  But today I want to show you an interesting way or approach of how to make money.
The more important aspect to make money on social media in your network marketing business is messaging new people. There is a lot of impressive marketers out there who market themselves as social media experts, do not buy their stuff. More than likely they are banking on a trick, and though it might be a cool trick, tricks do not win in the long-run, but concepts do.

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