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Model who shot her millionaire ex-boyfriend in his Spanish villa jailed for 15 years and ordered to pay his family ?150,000 compensation. Touching It Will Get You In A World Of Trouble, So They Built A Fence Around This Tree Decades Ago. The statistics, gathered up by ecommerce company selfstartr, suggest that Instagram, despite Instagram having 400 million users compared to Facebook’s 1 billion, the photo and video sharing app will yield more results for marketers.
While that may just be down to more marketers opting to pay for their ads (for a greater reach) rather than not, other stats are more concerning.
Moreover, when followers do order products, the average order value is much higher on Instagram ($65) than on Facebook ($55).

But does this mean that brand marketers should put all of their eggs into the Instagram basket? Between them almost 1 and a half billion users upload videos, photos and statuses, making it prime space for you to market your brand.
One such stat is the fact that Facebook marketers reach just 6% of their follows with each post while Instagram marketers reach the full 100%. On top of this, 32% of Facebook users engage with brands regularly while 68% of Instagram users do so. Not quite, as Facebook marketing, despite being less effective, still has the potential to reach twice as many people as on Instagram.

However, with 93% of marketers using Facebook and 36% using Instagram, what it does mean is that marketers using Facebook should think of new and innovative ways to stand out.

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