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While there are many ways to make money online, one of the easiest ways to monetize a website is with Google Adsense. The advantage you have with Google Adsense is that their Ad inventory is so large, that you can monetize any website in any language and almost in any niche.
Performance Ad networks: pay per Action (Peerfly, Clickbank, Neverblue, etc), great for affiliate marketing and SEO niches. Once you understand this, you’ll know which network is the best for you and the reasons behind it.
For reference, my average CPC on this blog (I don’t use Adsense at this moment), is around $5 per click.
However, I use some alternatives that have been working really great on other niches like Chitika and Adversal. I’d use Chitika for English based niche sites as Chitika tends to perform bad with other languages. And I’d use Adversal for different languages (English works well too), especially if I had traffic coming from all over the world.
I make less money with Chitika, but they have been consistent and I’ve been working with them for 18 months already. And as a matter of fact, all my small niche sites where I’m using Adversal or Chitika receive no more than 100-200 visits per day. Because SEO traffic converts a lot better than referral or organic traffic, and because the ads can be generated based on the search queries too.
Adsense pays a lot more for SEO traffic (hence I have $5 CPC on average) but the difference with Adsense is that you CANA make money even with Social or other types of traffic because Adsense is a program from Google.
Filed Under: Pro-Blogging Tagged With: adsense banned, no adsense, no adsense moneyLoved this article? But I have some question, I have a traffic that referral from Facebook ( around 200 a day unique visitor ) and It’s Indonesia Website. I have started my website recently in between I lost the hosting of the website due to other reasons. There will be any difference in pay depending upon the hosting like self hosting or else someother companies like hostgator, blue host etc hosting our site.
Those mentioned companies are self hosted, so I’m not sure I understand your question. I wanted to know whether I could start a blogging site with wordpress and still make good money with it?
It happens to me and it just takes some time to show the earnings again as they update them every month and get added t your balance. I love the fact that you stick with adversal as a good ad network throughout the comment and you make sure you respond to almost all comments.
I have an approved adsense account before but suddenly the ads stop displaying on my site and since then my earnings stopped. This is the age of socialization and a lot of people like to stay connected with their friends and family all around the world through social media. One of the easiest way is to write some piece of your original content for inspiration of people and give a link back to your original content, what will happen?

As we have already discussed before about Affiliate Marketing, one of the best way you can earn through it is to promote affiliate products on your Facebook pages and groups. Above are some of the methods that people use today to make money with facebook but there are lots of ways you can use to earn. Technology is so commonplace in businesses now that some people might take it for granted from time to time.
Other than helping you stay in contact better with employees and clients, it can also help you make more money. Whether or not you are selling yourself or your products on social media, it can help you make money. For smaller businesses, you may find that social media is a great free way to advertise to prospective clients. Make sure that you set up a shopping cart in order to directly sell products and services on your website. Technology has come a long way and because of it you can actually save some money for your business, not just make it and spend it. Another way you save money is that with your VoIP services you no longer need someone answering phones at the front desk because your phone service can do it for you!
Technology is ever changing and it makes sense for companies, no matter what size they are, to keep up on the advances that can help them make and save money. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Google is the biggest Search Engine in the world and they have a super big advertising network based on CPC.
They have a large inventory from all the countries, so no matter which country your traffic is coming from, they probably have something to show them. The secret to earn money with Chitika, Adversal or even Adsense, is to have search engine traffic (organic). If you don’t have an Adsense account or you were banned but you have search traffic, try Adversal or Chitika.
If you have paid traffic or traffic coming from social media sites and similar instead of search traffic, use a CPM Network!
If you have targeted traffic in a certain niche, use CPA networks to maximize your profits. As you can see, I just changed the image of my blog and went completely trough a new design.
However, I recommend you to test something like Propeller and PopAds from the adsense alternatives list. Adsense has problems because it’s a Google service, and many people try to rank websites with copied or stolen content.
Please my question is what can be the cause and how i can i resolve this issue for my code to display ads again?
One of the most common examples of the social media is the social networking websites that has made it much easier for the people to stay in touch with the use of the internet. People will start visiting to your blog, and if you have enabled monetization program, you can make some bucks.

The best way is to create a page according to your product, gain some audience, keep that active and then share the link of your product with some contents. Instead of just using technology without thinking about it, become more aware of what technology does for your company. Having a business social media account is a great way to do business to business connecting online which can lead to more money making. Some people may believe that for small businesses and entrepreneurs most social media may be a hassle with all the posting and updates, so it really depends on how much time you want to put into it for a possible return. People love to have a one-stop shop for what they want, and although you can make money on sales sites like Ebay, if people trust you they’ll be happier to buy direct (and save you some costs on fees).
Instead of spending a lot on inferior business phone services, you can choose to save with hosted VoIP. Use cloud computing to keep in touch, stay available to customers and employees with social media, cell phones, and more. April and May earnings decreased to an average of $150, but June and July have been great so far (I made over $660 last month). If you receive direct traffic, paid traffic or social traffic your CPC will be lower and you won’t make as much as I make.
I’ll talk more about how to monetize almost any keyword with CPA networks in the near future, but I mentioned some of them in my Adsense Alternatives article. I like this a lot more because it looks like a blog instead if looking like an agency or enterprise website. Adversal might not accept you if you don’t have enough traffic though, but the rest of the networks are fine. Facebook is one of the most common and growing social network that connect millions of people all over the world. So, write an E-book, publish it on amazon, speak out to your connected friends, community, your maximum liked Fan page about you have written a very special informative book and you are selling it on Amazon, etc. It’s an easy way to get your name out there and it offers you a place to sell your items directly. You can even keep connected to your business phone services with an app on your smartphone.
The possibilities for communication and money making are endless when you utilize the technology that is available. But have you ever wondered even through connecting with this, you can make money with Facebook? Stay tuned because I’ll publish a lot of articles on how I make money online with different techniques! In this article, I am going to explain how you can easily earn some passive income by using it.

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