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If you are skilled at coding, Chupa Mobile offer an app selling resource which gives you the chance to sell your own source code in their marketplace.
If you’re looking to make some easy cash by creating and selling apps then check out Chupa Mobile today. Stephanie Mamo is a freelance writer, poet and author of Super Savvy Steph -THE website that transforms lemonade budgets into champagne lifestyles.
How to Make Money Selling Smartphone Apps by Nancy Wagner Even free apps can make you money.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Making money from your own app can seem like a very complicated process.
It’s totally free to join up and they take care of all of the order processing and support. Chupa Mobile take care of everything including publishing your app in the leading marketplaces including the AppStore and Google Play so that you can start making money straight away. You get paid each time your design sells leaving you free to make some more amazing designs and increase your profits. With a small outlay you can pick up a ready made app template which you customise which means that you don’t need any coding knowledge before your app is ready to sell.
Their wide selection of over 1,500 app and game templates mean there is something suitable for every kind of idea.

You don’t even need to worry about the customisation as Chupa Mobile offer that as an extra service. Review the competition to see what apps they offer that are similar to your idea, and find out what smartphone users are buying. Then, find a way to make your app attractive to a specific target market, such as creating an app for workout enthusiasts that keeps track of calories burned.
If you don’t have the skills to develop an app of your own, hire a developer to create one for you.
Look for online application software that helps you create your own app through drag and drop tools. Make sure your app runs on the major platforms, such as Windows Mobile, iPhone and Blackberry, so it easily integrates into people’s phones. Create a catchy description to explain the app’s unique features and benefits to convince smartphone users to buy it.
Send out press releases to the media as well as blogs related to the type of app you’re selling. For instance, if your app helps people write their own songs, send your press release to blogs about music. Single ad networks are the easiest to set up, although they aren’t very lucrative for small developers, says VB Mobile.

However, the easy integration makes single ad networks attractive since you start making money right away. If you’re an advanced developer who has created a content-rich app, look for high quality ad networks that typically produce higher revenue per 1,000 impressions.
Upgraded Another option is to let your customers choose which they want –– an app for a fee with no advertising or a free app with fewer features and advertising. Once you get people to try the app for free, market the extra features to convert users to the paid version.
That someone could be you if you’re an experienced developer willing to customize an application to fit a company’s needs. Rather than building an app and hoping a company wants to buy it, identify businesses that need apps.
Then, offer to build an app based on their specifications and charge a project fee for your time.

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