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As I started telling them that what damage impulse buying can do to their finances, my hyperactive shopper friend Ritu shot back: "what is impulse shopping? Well all this activity is to control impulse buying but when we are out to shop what precautions should we take?" This was my friend Asmita.
Or say if you go to buy a gift for your friend and come loaded with gifts for yourself," I offered my piece of my mind to my friends.
So much so that it is therapeutic too and that is why there is a term dedicated to it: retail therapy.

If you do it judiciously, it will have magical effect but if you don't, it can have very drastic effect on your finances," I countered bravely looking into her eyes.
When you're out shopping, if you have the urge to buy, remember these goals and ask yourself whether these purchases will help you meet your goals or not," I said.
By planning well and sticking to this shopping list (of course with 10-20 per cent variations) you'll visit those stores only from where you have to make the purchases. You can invest in term deposits, popularly known as FDs, recurring deposits, SIPs or debt mutual funds to meet your short-term goals whereas to meet your long-term goals you can invest in PPF, SIPs in equity mutual funds and gold funds.

Once these dedicated investments are in place you can splurge on your long cherished watches, shoes, bags, dresses and what not as you have earmarked your money to take care of your future," I ratted in a single breath waiting for a huge applause from my friends. They moved on with the promise to come up with their goals and investment amount they want to dedicate to fulfill their goals.

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