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Now, if you have set clear goals for your business page, there’s one thing that will help you get it. Plus, help you decide what tactics to use, and how to tweak and change things to optimize your lead generation and conversion process.
As we talked a bit more with business owners about their target audience, it became clear that not all of them have a clear and precise idea! If you’re looking for an outstanding Facebook page designer Click here to visit Social Identities. When I talk about a budget, I don’t only mean money to buy ads or hire a designer; I’m also referring to your own time! For the 3 dozen business owners, this budget ranges from 0 to 7,560 dollars per year, with an average of 1,400 dollars per year.

Having a business page on Facebook will get you nowhere if you do not handle it as your business.
Juan works as Mari Smith's Chief Facebook Moderator and is part of Social Media Examiner's Community Management Team.
Felix Relationship Marketing has affiliate partnerships with Mari Smith, Video Traffic Academy, StudioPress and Social Media Examiner. His company offers state of the art community management services for public figures and successful social brands.
An online magazine to support Dutch entrepreneurs and marketers with social media marketing. Now, before I share the top 3 with you, let me ask you one question: “do you have the pig-headed discipline (PHD) to follow a solid growth plan and earn money on Facebook?” If the answer is yes, I’d suggest you read right true the end of this.

Work on it, regularly and consistently. Hire a professional designer, and work with people who know what they are doing.
To learn more on this, check out 6 Strategic tips to Earn Trust Faster than Your Competitors.

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