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You can check Daniel’s city to preview the new International Airport and Tokyo Town buildings. Appears when you receive a notification, and disappears when you have read all pending messages.
Previously, the population boost when using multiple universities was capped at 50 residential zones, meaning any RZs after 50 that were still in the coverage area would not benefit from the boost. I’m assuming this means the item is posted on the global market for 3 hours before being delisted?
I’ll be updating these as I find them (only had a couple mins free to play today.) so stay tuned!
I’m running the simoleon cycle and after the update yesterday ever build costs 2 metal and nets around 566 payment.

However I never bulldozed and was one of the firsts (if not the first) to get the 1M tax achievement of a group of 100 mayors which I’m part. Also i tried different variations of combining specializations and cant get beyond the 400% total boost (as it was before the update).
By the way, I do believe tat medium demand for services means they’ll require like 2 water instead of 1, 2 power, etc. Additionally the Tokyo residences provide 20% population, so the first upgrade should be fo 65 pop, and the last one for 2222. You see this image on the top of pages and posts which we have updated (to our best knowledge) the information to the TT update. A modified bulldoze method could still work and grant you TONS of simoleons… will test and update ASAP!

What happens is that many people are impatient and want money fast, but they don’t know that by doing the bulldozing method, they are severely delaying their end game. It only seems to show a (possible) boost to your population, but your actual population does not change if you already have one of those at 100%. Also this patches the bulldoze method exploit, under the hood improvements, global trade market changes, as well as some gameplay updates not listed on the official changelog.

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