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In her job as a commercial real estate lawyer and realtor, she has dealt with some very high profile developers who are not quite used to negotiating the prices.
As an individual who doesn’t only advise in investing in real estate, Robina is someone who invests in the real estate also.
She doesn’t recommend investing in bonds or RRSPs, “invest in real estate because it’s solid, you can see it and you can sell it and make money on it,” she says. She believes that the South Asian community has come to the point where people you would never imagine will invest are investing. The way Robina explains how it works is simple and understandable for someone who doesn’t understand the investment portfolios. Robina had completed her undergrad in Psychology and went on to University of Ottawa for her law degree. With 18 years of experience in commercial real estate, she decided to embark into the real estate market as a realtor recently. Robina is cautious of making investments in the United States for a number of reasons: different laws for non-residents, not being able to rent the property for certain time period, not being able to cross the border at times.
Very much in touch with “ethics and morals,” Robina finds it hypocritical that people give sermons when they themselves “eat halal with beer.” For her part, Robina wears her religion  on her sleeve. It doesn’t matter if you have been in the real estate investing business for 2 months or 20 years. Once they provide you with their case, you must always verify that the information is accurate and up to date. Canadian economy booms because these savings turn into homes, and having homes results in construction and manufacturing jobs says Robina McCracken, commercial real estate lawyer and realtor.
But when people come as immigrants, they want to have a nest where kids can grow,” she said in a conference room of her office in Mississauga.

They better change,” she remarks because the way most South Asians buy is to bargain and hunt for the best deals.
Managing business and unleashing creativity have long been considered polar-opposite skills, but in order for salons to be successful with their bottom line, Andrew McAleese, owner of La Luma Salon in Guelph, Ont. We all know that we make the money in real estate when we buy, especially a commercial income producing property. What you are looking for is the actual operating expenses and the actual rental income this subject property is producing. This really should be addressed in your initial evaluation during your due diligence period. Whenever you are using any kind of financing (debt), you will want to find what your Cash on Cash return is.
If you are looking at a property that has leases $35 to $50 under market and through your due diligence you know that you could increase the rents in a short time and increase your NOI, can that become a higher Cap Rate? What if through your research you find that the expenses can be lowered by 25% in just a few short months because the seller was not being prudent about his or her spending?
If you invest money in the wrong portfolio with the wrong person, they’ll tell everybody not to do it,” she tells us. And here she was, the Queen of her palace, renting out space to a judge, just to note one of her tenants. She doesn’t give much thought to the growing trend in the South Asian community where real estate agents are lowering the standard of professionalism as well as the profit margin. You should create a budget of the essential property improvements that will have to be executed over time to increase the property value.Please note that the operating expenses do not include the debt service (mortgage).
Some buyers say they want a minimum Cap Rate of 10, others at 7 and some at 12 (Many times their Cap Rates are too unrealistic in my opinion).
Start by calculating your debt service, subtract it from your NOI and you will have your cash flow before taxes.

By knowing what you want to make and creating your own criteria you will have a clearer picture when evaluating properties. You can then divide that annual cash flow by the amount of capital you have invested to get a quick snapshot of your possible pre-tax annual Cash on Cash return. It’s important that clients can take care of their hair at home, because that’s how you get booked and get referrals,” says McAleese, who sees hairstylists as designers who are able to sell a product—the hairstyles—as commercial art. Commercial art is reproducible, both for the stylists behind the chair and for the clients who style it everyday at home. Develop your eye for design.McGill teaches art history, architecture and fine art to cosmetology students, with the goal of letting that knowledge flow into the shears, colour tubes and products in their hands. This allows graduates to go to work with an eye trained to assess a client’s hair, clothes and eye colour—just as they had learned with a painting or a sculpture—and recommend artfully and skillfully, according to a client’s lifestyle. Having an eye for design also provides stylists with the confidence to recommend products and retail and service sales will benefit, says McAleese.#3.
What kind of artist are you?“Business is founded on relationships, great consultations with clients and creating a design,” says McAleese.
The real need, he says, is how to create consistently high-quality hair for business and knowing when it’s time to be totally creative.
Today, people are looking for customized looks that make them feel and look great, so it’s important to deliver the kind of service that leads to rebooking and referrals. Instead of a clash between business and art, McAleese says, “it’s about understanding the kind of artist you are—commercial or fine art—and knowing how to be successful and thrive.

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