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Disclaimer and Privacy Policy Note: This website is for parents or guardians to be able to help their kids and teens find ideas for making money. In this post you find ways to improve your babysitting, which will give you more babysitting opportunities, and in turn more $$. Also, after you are done reading all about how to become a better babysitter, scroll back up and get this free download. In the small town I live in, where there are a lot of babysitters, I pay a 13-16 year old for 1 child $3 per hour.
Babysitting Experience- The more experience you have the more you can charge.  Apply the practices and you will gain more experience and will be able to charge more than other baby sitters.
How many and ages- How many kids and the ages of the kids can largely determined what you could charge.  Set up a pricing structure for how much you charge to watch young kids and older kids.
Activities- You can charge more if you are doing more, like taking kids to their music lessons, soccer practice or other activities.  You could also charge extra for teaching music lessons yourself or tutoring on homework. Special needs- If the child has special needs and requires more assistance and care you could charge more. Certified Training- If you are CPR or First Aid certified you could charge more.  This could be a good way of setting you apart from other babysitters. Housekeeping– Take care of the kids first but if they are asleep or you find some extra time clean up the house and do the dishes. Transportation– If you can drive kids around or even just arrange transportation through a taxi then you could definitely charge more. Honestly, if my babysitter asked for a higher amount and I felt like she worked for that amount, I would be willing to pay more. Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from providing any personal information on this site. Below are some excellent babysitting tips that will help you become a better babysitter and make more money. The best part about babysitting is that people will seek you out and it can be a pretty easy job if you follow the tips below. There was a time when I was 19 years old and home from college for the summer, a family I had babysat for in my younger teen years called to have me babysit. When I was in my babysitting years, 12-18, I did some things that a lot of people told me they liked. Now that I’m and adult, seeking babysitters myself, there are certain things I really like in a babysitter.

I was nervous, but I finally told her that she paid me so little last time and my time is more valuable to me then the rate she was paying me. If the child has all these numbers plus the knowledge of 911 and any situation can be handled. A 13 year old is very capable of babysitting for short periods of time but they aren't used to being responsible and to maintain attention on another. I wouldn't recommend she have any sitting jobs longer than 3 hours until she has had a couple jobs under her belt. The down side is the economy is really bad right now, so that isn't helping me find or earn money for college. I live in the country so it is kind of hard to do a newspaper route or shovel snow because local plows are every where and more efficient than what I probably could do.
Nothing delights my hubby more than having a new audience for the stories I've heard a million times! When I had little kids at home, I liked to have a teen come in to help with the kids and do jobs like vacuum, peel potatoes, dust, or clean the garage.
Susan from ThriftyFun Very Important: Before starting any job or trying any money making ideas, you should run them by your parents.
Pet Sitting How about starting a pet sitting service for neighbors who are going on vacation? My son put a sign up on the bulletin board in near the mailboxes in our building and had a very successful (financially) summer. By Alice Errands for Elderly Neighbors The old standbys are yard work, pet sitting, and car washing. In small towns or in areas where there is a grocery store close by, elderly folks or someone who can't get out, might be thankful to have someone run to the store to pick up milk, bread or other small items for them. Make up a brochure and leave it with folks who can then call you when they need your service. Another thing that could be done is assisting with light housekeeping such as taking out the garbage, vacuuming, dusting, emptying the dishwasher, folding clothes, matching socks, etc. Cars are constantly getting dirty (thanks to the birds), meaning they always need cleaning. Ask your parents for $20 per car you clean and you should be making tons of money by the end of the week. By Kandi Start Working Before You Are 16 This may be a little too "mainstream" but we just got our 14 (almost 15) year old daughter a job at McDonald's.

Personally, I believe teaching our kids to work is one of the best things we can do for them.
Also, our daughter has taken lifeguard training through the park system and when she is 16, if she passes certification, will be able to get a lifeguard job.
Of course, these are not "occasional" types of jobs just to earn a little spending money and won't work if that is what they want to do. By Jan Be a Class Helper If you have a local dance class in your area, ask the teacher if they need any help passing out supplies. The boys help out in classes after school twice a week and the teacher generously pays them $10 a week. By Kelly Garage Sale They can have a garage sale if they have old things they need to give away. By Celeste Invest In A Lawn Mower Ok, the absolute best way for any kid who is responsible enough to make money in the long run is to buy a lawn mower, preferably a riding one, and offer to cut grass. Now you may cut grass professionaly in the summer and vacuum leaves professionaly in the fall!
Then you store the lawn mower until spring where you can continue the business in the spring, summer, and fall of next year!
By Keith Lemonade Stand And More Tips The kids sold lemonade and cookies during our neighborhood garage sale. By Amy Hold a Car Wash, Yard Sale And Other Ideas My kids make extra money by holding a " new school clothes" fund raising car wash. My 11 year old cares for pets while neighbors are out of town, just about twice a month, for $10 a day! They also host a "fund raiser yard sale" where they sale their clothes that they can't wear anymore. It would just take a few hours a day but give the parent's a chance to run to the grocery store, clean, read a book or have a few friends over.
If you live in an area where you have some traffic, set up a table similar to a lemonade stand.
Advertise as this and get rid of the things that you no longer need but another kid would think is really cool.

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