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Schoolgirl Izzy Dix was found hanged by her mother at home last monthNot long before her suicide, she wrote a heartbreaking poem about her ordeal. Their other possessions are in storage, save for Izzya€™s diary, which was taken by the police as evidence.
In the weeks since Izzya€™s death, some of her classmates a€” a€?not the ring-leaders but the ones who joined in the ganging-up, which I actually find more difficult to forgivea€™ a€” have attempted to apologise, but this has only added to Gabbia€™s pain. She says: a€?One girl got in touch to say she was sorry if their silly jokes had led to this. She reveals that while Izzy a€?adoreda€™ many of her teachers, they failed to tackle the bullies, even though theya€™d been told what was going on.
There has not yet been an inquest into Izzya€™s death, so there is no proof that she took her own life because of bullying, and perhaps there never will be. Now you don't: Kyle Chrisley will not A appear on Season 2 of the hit reality show with Lindsie, Savannah, Todd, Grayson, Chase and JulieA But one family member isn't laughing - Chrisley's eldest son, Kyle, 23.
Shut out: 'Chloe will turn two on November 10 and I dona€™t even have an invite to her party, my own daughtera€™s birthday party. Bride of Chrisleystein: Todd's first wife Teresa Terry says she knows how dark the reality behind Chrisley Knows Best really is. Blended: Lindsie and Kyle chill with their younger step siblings from Teresa's second marriage. It later transpires she has not been back to the family home in Devon since the night she ran from it, hysterical, after finding Izzya€™s body.Every item of furniture has been given to the charity shop Izzy used to work in (a€?it supports teenagers in need.
Izzya€™s grandmother tells me that Gabbi hasna€™t been alone since Izzy died; she even sleeps in her mothera€™s bed.
Gabbi claims she had contacted the school, Brixham College, at least 15 times in the months before her daughter died, complaining about the name-calling, teasing and the ostracising.
Suicides are rarely that simple.Yet you cana€™t read I Give Up, the poem she wrote, without seeing it as a glaring cry for help. Because, as much as he is depicted at all, it is as the one real blot on his father's otherwise perfect life, Chloe's drug addict, dead-beat father. Ia€™m not taking a chance on him being part of my daughtera€™s life and with Todd Chrisley everything is extreme - ita€™s all or nothing.
Teresa was 19 and Todd was 21 when she became pregnant with daughter Lindsie and the couple marriedThe most recent episode showed the familya€™s Fathera€™s Day preparations. Kyle remains close with Teresa but Lindsie, who has been super spoiled by her dad, is distant from her motherIn court documents his ex-wife accused him of a€?waging a campaign of mental and physical abusea€™ against her.
I was in too much of a state to do anything other than accept it.a€™It is only six weeks since Izzy died, and Gabbia€™s grief is as raw as it gets.

At night, she wakes up screaming a€?leave my baby alonea€™.But Gabbia€™s anger is as strong as her devastation, hence her insistence on going public with Izzya€™s story. And he's had enough.Now, in an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Kyle has blasted Chrisley's 'fairy-tale' existence as a sham, dismissed the show as a fake and described his father as bankrupt, toxic and a snake who has shut him out of his own child's life. Chrisleya€™s children posed for a photograph - all but Kyle who was not there and was barely mentioned.When he mentiuoned, it was by Chrisely who explained, a€?My eldest son Kyle has had some difficulty in his life which is unfortunately as a result of Kyle doing drugs. You could hear it in their voices, as if they were rolling their eyes and going, a€?Oh, not her again.a€?a€‰a€™Gabbi, who was a teacher herself, so is more aware of anti-bullying responsibilities in education than most, last phoned to discuss the problem on September 16 a€” the day before Izzy died. I dona€™t even have an address for where she is.a€?All I know is that theya€™re in California. Cana€™t sign a legal document, cana€™t contract to get married, cana€™t do this, cana€™t do that.
Many - particularly the second song a€?Shame on Youa€™ - are an exorcism of his feelings over his father.He said, a€?When my dad heard that he called my mom up and said, a€? Have you heard this? There were still lots of young people, though.a€™ The presence of her daughtera€™s true friends provided a€?much, much comforta€™, Gabbi admits. She had come home in a terrible state, claiming she had been told off for bursting into tears in class. But her feelings about some of the other attendees are more ambivalent.For Izzy, a gifted pupil who had ambitions to go to Oxford University, had taken her own life after complaining she could no longer cope with being bullied, both at school and online. I texted him yesterday to ask for an address, he said I could give anything to my grandmother to pass on.a€?I dona€™t know where theya€™re living. If she put her hands up in class, shea€™d be labelled a a€?swota€? and theya€™d snigger at her, or make crude comments. It sounds so stupid now, but in my head I thought she wasna€™t quite at breaking point because her grades hadna€™t slipped at school. She called it I Give Up, and it reads: a€?They begin to tell me that nobody wants me there. I got through to the headmaster himself that afternoon and pleaded with him, yet again, to do something.
She was a star pupil until the day she died.a€™One particularly distressing thing about Gabbia€™s story is that she appears to have followed all the rules about how to react if your child is being bullied a€” alerting the school, and offering love and reassurance to her daughter.
She earns $10,000 a month as a care-giver.Kyles allges, a€?He [Chrisley] said he bought that house outright, cash. Or he just ups and goes to California with her.a€™Technically Chrisley could apply to have the marriage to Lexi annulled under the terms of his guardianship. Well if he did he must have refinanced it because Ia€™ve never seen a mortgage so high and my grandmother pays that, not him.a€™According to Kyle he has yet to have access to the $28,000 he and his siblings received from the first season.

It was my life.a€™He has relapsed once since reconnecting with Lexi, an old high school friend whose best friend is dating Kylea€™s best friend. I want him to do what he loves and be who he is and not walking in a shadow or try to be something hea€™s not. I give up.a€™Many, if not all, of the youngsters present at the service would have been aware of Izzya€™s torment.
And five years ago I do believe that if he wouldna€™t have got it I would probably be in the ground by now because I was that bad on drugs.a€?I was 130lbs - Ia€™m 180lbs today - I looked like I was starving.
She had fled a Spanish lesson in tears the day before her death when the jibes and sniggers a€” a€?the usual stuffa€™, says her mother, bitterly a€” got too much.Some of those who arrived to mourn her were directly implicated in the bullying, says Gabbi.
I could have died plenty times.a€™But, he continued, a€?At that same time I dona€™t see how any sort of judge could have signed off on the guardianship that he got. It would be hard to see why any father would want to distance the woman who is clearly such a positive influence in his sona€™s life.A  A I have monitored custody of Chloe but he can do what he likes really. Then onto that awful site [a website in which users post anonymous comments on each other's profiles], and be subjected to filth. Her relationship with Izzya€™s father, Eugene Conway, ended before Izzy was born, which led to a particularly intense mother-daughter bond. It was more than we should expect any teenager to cope with, and in the end my daughter couldna€™t.a€™Gabbi is angry not just at the bullies and their a€?complete lack of compassion and humanitya€™, but at the teachers at Izzya€™s school. She is mother to both Lindsie and Kyle.Teresaa€™s seven-year marriage to Chrisley ended in an acrimonious divorce which saw her bring a domestic violence case against Chrisley. Yes, when she hit her teens she could be moody and we had our moments, but overall she was a joy: bright, opinionated, fun.
Kyle is not missing.A 'Todd wants Kyle to be under his thumb and Kyle doesna€™t want to be anymore. If she was here today, shea€™d do a much better job of this than me.a€™Izzy was always aware of her fathera€™s existence, and a€?knew she could meet him when she was readya€™. She did, in fact, meet him not long before she died, although her mother insists this did not cause her to become depressed.

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