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Give them pictures and proof that you dont have any hacked Client's downloaded or something. Hey guys, I've been thinking and i decided i needed more people on my youtube channel to play with.
Greetings, I thought of posting some of my Minecraft Speed Modelling videos and Images here. Intro: How to Make FireworksThere are many types of fireworks, where one of the most common in firework displays is the aerial shell. Step 2: Shell ConstructionStart by drilling a hole in the pole of one of the paper hemispheres. Step 4: Pasting the shellThe next step is pasting the shell, which is the hardest and most time-consuming part of round shells. In this instructable I will be talking about the procedure of assembling a round aerial shell.
If I somehow throw around with a lot of foreign words or have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Let's start making the aerial shell (from now on it will be mentioned as 'shell')Shell hemispheresYou will need two 3" paper hemispheres to make this shell. I'm Nicolaj, a Danish chemistry student interested in DIY and projects involving fabrication. Everyone knows New York’s law enforcement agencies will go to great lengths to catch a terrorist fireworks enthusiast, but this is a new low. To craft a fireworks ball you need gunpowder and any dye (as many as u want) and then craft them together. Put gunpowder on the bottem of the crafting table and paper in the middle (only 1 in each area) Then put in the firework star in to the crafting table. Oh ya if u want to make a creeper firework then add a creeper head into the part were you are making the firework star.
The aerial shell is used in fireworks displays, and can be either a round or a cylindrical shape. This will be illegal to do without licensence in many cases, it is on your own response wether you do this legally or not.

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While making the shell, one should do it away from heat souces, such as candles, cigarettes, stoves etc. More or less might be used depending on the quality.IgnitionFor igniting the shell either a piece of visco fuse and quick match or shoothing-wire and an e-match can be used.
My new interest is producing my own fireworks and it appears I can benefit from the knowledge available on this site. Not only are the various projects fully described, but many of them have video imbedded so that you can actually see what you have read being done by a skilled pyro maker. As a bonus, skylighter has kits for some of the projects and a huge inventory of pyro supplies.

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