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How to boil Jamaican green plantain porridgeA bowl of hot Jamaican green plantain porridge to kick-start your day. Jamaican Green Banana porridge RecipeA bowl of hot steamy green banana porridge to kick start your day.
Jamaican Creamy Rice Porridge RecipeRice porridge is not as popular as corn meal, green plantain, hominy, and green banana porridge in Jamaica.

This is in conjunction with the jerk sauce made of pimento seeds (all spice), pimento leaves, scallion, thyme, nutmeg, etc. Many individuals and families invest their time and talent producing some of the most beautiful arts in the world.
Green plantain porridge is often drunk in Jamaica for breakfast, however, some people drink it whether morning, noon or night. It is best to eat mostly the unpolished rice (brown rice) than the polished rice (white rice) Countries that eat the polished rice (white rice) as their main staple have a high percentage of people suffering from beriberi.

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