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Since most of the top DC characters were created to be fantasy ideals (which is to say, boring and unbeatable) Marvel’s iconic characters were often created to be interesting and flawed.
In 1976, DC and Marvel combined forces to produce the first official published meeting between a DC character and a Marvel character (Wizard of Oz didn’t count).
Manipulated by outside events, the two characters would meet in battle, in a spectacular contest of unparalleled might and skill.
After getting knocked around for a bit, Superman loses his cool for a moment and prepares to punch back, stopping himself just in time before landing the blow, which surely would have killed Spider-Man. Eventually, the radiation wears off, and Spider-Man discovers just how overmatched he is (this is back when Superman was actually a capable and powerful hero, instead of a big blue pushover).
The two heroes would talk it out, and then team-up to beat the bad guys, but this first titanic tussle most definitely went in favor of Superman and DC. This follow-up skipped a rematch between the two protagonists, and had them face off against two other high profile characters from each company. But eventually, Superman gets a chance to plant his feet, and as he so boldly proclaims, nobody can move him when he doesn’t want to be moved. Next up, another misunderstanding leads to Spider-Man doing his best to avoid a beating at the hands of Wonder Woman. After dodging some machinery, Spider-Man turns out the lights, using that as proof that he means no harm to Wonder Woman.
DC and Superman win the first matchup against the Hulk decidedly, with the second one being a bit of a draw, thanks to Spider-trickery. Until eventually landing an expert kick to the Hulk’s midsection, which is just effective enough for the gas Batman dropped to take effect. Instead of fighting like normal superheroes, when the X-Men and Teen Titans meet, they just shake hands and make friends. It was around about this time that the argument over the planned Justice League and Avengers crossover pretty much killed any more collaborations between Marvel and DC. Marvel and DC would eventually stop messing around with the one-on-one matchups that had been coming out in OGN after OGN, and throw everybody into the mix in a four-part mini-series battle royale, leaving some of the winners up to a fan vote. Up first, we’d see Thor (in an instantly regrettable costume) take down Captain Marvel. Flash takes advantage of Quicksilver’s momentary hesitation to serve up a high-speed beating.

Robin ties up Jubilee, so he can continue to pretend he likes girls and would tie them up for smooches.
Silver Surfer gets the best of Green Lantern Kyle, because look at him, he’s been hitting the gym. Wolverine wins a brawl against Lobo, thanks to the fan vote (which sent nerds across the globe into a fit of rage).
Batman and Captain America close out the individual battles by once again being too evenly matched, until Cap is distracted by sewage, and Batman gets the victory on account of not being submerged in sewage. All in all, Marvel won this mini-series in the final tally, thanks to the fan vote (and because they’re better). This is an absolutely horrible mini-series, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to show you these panels of Superman getting absolutely worked by Venom. Once again, we get Batman and Captain America squaring off again, with them just deciding not to even bother this time, and teaming up to solve the bigger problem.
Superman and Batman can win all the fights, because that’s all they have to look forward to in their long and lonely fictional lives. All comments on The Comics Cube need approval (mostly because of spam) and no anonymous comments are allowed. I'm just gonna be forthright with this: running this site takes money, so if you like it and wish to contribute to its (regrettably necessary) financial support, please either use the Amazon links in some of the articles, or use the "Donate" button below for PayPal.
Sometimes things happen when we are attracted to people that make us doubt how good we are.
Batman is able to dodge the Hulks blows, and even breaks free from a bear hug at one point.
Busiek has gone on record that Batman admitting that Cap would probably eventually win, is as good as a win for Cap. Even if you don't have a Google account and must send in your comment under the "Anonymous" ID, sign your name under your comment.NO REVIEW COPIES!The Comics Cube no longer accepts free comics given for the purposes of review. She said she went backstage and when the two were alone, Cosby gave her two pills and a glass of water, saying, "Take these.""My next memory is clearly feeling drugged, being without my clothes, standing up," she said. To be body positive is a journey of self acceptance while advocating for and accepting our differences with others. A relationship becomes more charged both sexually and emotionally if the meeting is forbidden.

Body positivity is for everyone; fighting self-hate and working towards self-love and acceptance of ourselves and others through resources, visibility, and discussion! Maybe if they realized it literally takes me forever…to do anything to my hair they would think twice. How would you feel if you were both single, dating, or living together and the reality of the everyday kicked in?
Cosby's lawyer, in a statement released Sunday, criticized previous "decades-old, discredited allegations," stating that "the fact that they are being repeated does not make them true."Cosby made no mention of the allegations Thursday during a benefit performance in the Bahamas for a women's service organization.
I had a lot of friends but I just felt so lonely at the same time because everyone lived close by so they could see their family whenever. Why are you relying on him to break it off and not making the move yourself?  You have just as much of a decision to make as he does and if you really wanted to go you could. He stuck to his routine, including stories about his childhood growing up in the projects of Philadelphia. And it didn’t help that around the age of 11 my dad apparently saw the same thing and would constantly tell me to lose weight. On New Year’s Eve, all my friends already had plans so I decided to hang out with some friends from high school. It was so hard growing up with him constantly belittling me with an already low self-esteem. In the 7th grade I started a new school, a private school where I had to wear a skirt EVERYDAY, and everything just went downhill from there. And of course, there was no boy in real life that wanted me so I started doing things for boys I met online on my webcam. It was the first one in a long time I didn’t cry about what happened to me that night. It’s really scary to put so much of myself out there but I just hope that my story helps someone else seek help and tell their story. But eventually I fell back into eating because I was depressed, it seemed to be the only thing that made me feel better.

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