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Another huge benefit, is that TripAdvisor makes it very easy to use their platform to make money.
Like all money making oppertunities there is an initial investment, however, in this case it is very little compared to what you can earn. 1) Domain Name(s) ( about $10 YEAR a name ) 2) Web Hosting ( about $100 YEAR unlimited hosting ..
Remember, the figures mentioned above are “guesstimates, they can be (much) high or lower.
If you have any questions about making money off TripAdvisor, please feel free to contact us.

I know for sure that Tripadvisor is completely corrupt , I have posted many reviews , real reviews covering from Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand , Indonesia , I spent many hours posting honests reviews. In order to help you experience safer and have a more fulfilling experience at malayaliclassifieds we would recommend you to use little common sense and a few simple precautions before making any deals online.
If you ( like we do) charge $20 a review, you can (easily) earn $600 extra a week, and once you are well established, you will have little problem doubling that. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. So, until TripAdvisor puts a VERY easy end to this problem, anyone can post unvalidated reviews and thus earning some good money.

All you need to do is just copy-paste the text ADS and send SMS which is provided by us and receive weekly payments .

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