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Would you believe that you can heat your space with a few candles and a couple of flower pots, all for just pennies a day? Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. I can see several of these heating a small but the question is for how long will they heat it? My greatest fear during winter is losing electricity and, until now, there has been no workable solution. Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future.
Green gadgets are becoming more and more readily available, many boasting features like solar-powered batteries and recycled materials. The entire speaker is comprised of a single, one-foot cut of hollow bamboo, and the acoustics work by utilizing the existing iPhone speaker and maximizing the sound through echoes within the tube naturally. The Wonderbag is an electricity-free slow cooker that can slow deforestation, reduce violence and make a hearty stew!
It might be difficult to imagine, but it’s easy to do, as this video shows in a brilliant step-by-step demonstration. I guess it depends on how big the candles are but I cannot imagine the last for more than a few hours. But nothing can be more green than this electricity-free iBamboo speaker by Brooklyn based Anatoliy Omelchenko.

The sound exiting out each side creates a “stereo” effect that is highlighted by an airy sound reminiscent of holding a shell to one’s ear. Currently working with a Kickstarter campaign, he has less than a month to reach his start up $10,000 goal, which covers the cost of laser cutting, hand-finishing and the iBamboo case.
While it’s always nice to make a profit off your ideas, the fact this can be made by anyone without losing quality compared to a manufactured one is incredibly appealing. During these walks, they are susceptible to violence and it is also time not spent on other things, such as school.
They would be good in a pinch should the power go out to other than that these are just a novelty even for do-it-yourselfers.
Two of them won't heat a room any more than a pair of incandescent lightbulbs would, regardless of what kind of container you put them in. Not only is the piece made from bamboo, but the speaker consists of just a single piece of bamboo cut with a notch for an iPhone to fit snugly within. The iBamboo is for all sorts of tunes, but the designer highly recommends using the speaker for Classical and Jazz music, as it brings resonance and depth to the flat sound of the iPhone speaker. Trees are cut down, which contributes to deforestation and ecosystem destruction, thus widening the distances people have to travel to forage.
These wood and charcoal fires give off carbon emissions, contributing to climate change, but also cause health problems at home due to smoke inhalation.
When we'd lose power, my grandmother would take whatever was cooking off the stove and wrap it in blankets to keep it slow cooking for hours.

It made me realize that heat retention cooking could be a simple, but incredibly powerful way to help my fellow Africans. Because it works by using a little fuel to bring foods to a boil before putting the hot pot in the bag, Collins notes that the Wonderbag greatly reduces the use of additional energy and frees up women's precious time. Collins hopes to have 100 million Wonderbags distributed throughout the world, which will free up the time of women and girls, so they are more likely to become more highly educated, get better jobs and have better lives and improve the environment, as a result.It is so simple - a bag you put a pot inside! It reduces CO2 emissions and toxic fumes which means less respiratory problems and a cleaner environment. It also saves precious water, because less evaporation occurs, meaning moisture and flavor stay in the pot.
According to Collins, 20% of all staple food in Africa is burned, due to pots being placed on open fires and unregulated stove tops. The bags also use fabric inspired by traditional African shweshwe and batik fabrics, so if you're using your Wonderbag here in the US, it seems like the fabric could help create opportunities to share the story of the bag and how it creates a ripple effect of change around the world.The insulation material also increases the sustainability of the product. According to Collins, they use "recycled chip foam which is a byproduct of mattress and furniture manufacturing in South Africa, that would otherwise go to landfill or be dumped in the ocean."I really enjoy using a slow cooker, but the size of the pot is hard to clean in my current New York apartment sink. And when you leave for the day, you don't have to worry about having the crock pot plugged in unattended, though that has never bothered me as it does some people.

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