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So many people on Firepedia are interested in starting their own businesses; either as an entertainer, a teacher or a prop shop. When upgrading our equipment a couple years ago we switched over to the Energy Efficient Mac books. The computer used to create the Firepedia site, do research and write posts is about two years old. Turn out the lights, turn off the computer and get your energy consumption as close to 0 as possible when you leave for the night.
The surest way to stop the energy drains is to use a power bar or simply unplug the device.
Empty water bottles are easy, they go into those convenient little recycling bins, but what about your old desk or electronics cables. If you get your chicken caesar salad in a disposable container every lunch hour, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, the impact adds up. Bring your own coffee mug, eat at restaurants which use real dishes, and start brining your own lunches in reusable tupperware containers.
Let’s deal in bits and bites when we can, and help cut down on all the junk in the world.

Consider becoming a carbon neutral business by using carbon offsetting programs to fund projects that plant trees or otherwise help to clean up the pollutants we’ve been spewing into the environment. Operating a green business is not only good for the environment but good for your business’s bottom line because conserving resources and cutting down on waste will keep your overhead low and save you money.
Our company is located in South Korea, and our company got renowned for cosmetics thanks to customers’ continued interest and patronage.
The eco-amp, eco-made’s debut product, is an environmentally friendly iPhone speaker amplifier that is constructed out of FSC Certified 100% Post Consumer paper.
Other iPhone speaker amplifiers already exist, however they are bulky, expensive, made out of plastic, and not recyclable. Whether you plan on owning an online business or having a brick-and-mortar retail store, it’s important to monitor your impact on the environment.
Think about this, as most take-out containers are entirely made out of polystyrene foam, these containers do not biodegrade. Who knows, it might even force you to take a much needed brake at midday and maybe even eat better. Is there is an environmentally friendly business you can support by making a purchase you were planing on making anyway?

It’s a big wake up call when you see all the power consumption, vehicles and flights add up.
Use eco-amp on vacation, by the pool, at a picnic or even at home instead of your bulky battery-powered speakers. It’s hard to ignore all the new toys and gadgets, but your will power will be helping reduce the mountains of waste, one cellphone at a time. Using services like Efax can make your life easier while saving a few trees in the process.
Some cities have gone as far as banning the use of foam take-out containers, notably San Francisco. Although, eco-amp is made out of paper, it still has durability because it can fold up even after being assembled. Each package contains 2 eco-amps. If you have forms that need signing, why not use a service like e-sign and save all that paper and hassle.

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