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If you don’t have a physical optical drive you should mount the image into a virtual drive.
To use and boot from your newly created drive on your netbook or computer, first you have to set your computer you must set it to boot through the USB flash drive.
I was able to use these instructions to create a bootable HD for a 64bit Windows 10 install disk.
I’d highly recommend the author ad another warning at the very top warning anyone trying this to have a complete HD backup in a different place just in case anything goes wrong.
Alternatively use another machine with nothing personal on it to create the external drive on so you don’t lose anything!

At this moment your new external hard disk or flash drive is bootable but you need to execute one more command in order to transfer the files to your new drive.
Alternatively you can copy all the files in the virtual drive to the flash drive or external hard drive by using Windows Explorer, but using XCOPY ensures that system and hidden files are also copied. Please be aware that if you’ve changed the boot sequence in the BIOS, remember to change it back as it was after copying the files (usually after first automatic reboot). The Hiren’s boot CD is an awesome tool for such problems and previously stated by another.
I used 7-Zip to extract the install files to a folder on the same external drive then ran the bootsect command to the already named external drive.

It gave me an error about not being able to lock the partition but Bootsect command worked anyway. I then copied the contents of the install folder to the root of the external drive and rebooted.

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