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The boards I used looked a little thin but I figured that putting some pieces across in brick style fashion would be enough to provide support. I installed two boards on each side of the wall for sides and planned on installing five shelves. Then I installed wood pieces across to support the shelves but since I ran out of wood I did not put a board on the floor to support the bottom and neither on the top.
Once all the books were there, the book case shelves were visibly going towards the center bending down! I finally realised that the whole thing having about ten feet long, there was no way the shelves were going to stay straight.
I can leave it there for a while but needless to say I will have to redo it all over again but next time I think I will look at my bookcase plans. So please don't do like I did and look at your plans before your get into any project, even something as simple as a bookcase.

It appears to be an easy project without the fuss of having to get plans and follow instructions.
I had some spare wood at home that I saved from a carpentry job so I decided to use it to build her bookcase.
Anyway the whole thing looked fine and my wife was happy with the bookcase wall unit I made. I asked her to store all the heaviest ones on the bottom shelf first to concentrate the weight on the bottom, which she did. Some of the screws on the top of the boards on each side even started to come out of the wall a little bit.
The worse of all is that I have a lot of bookcase plans in my woodworking plans kit and I did not even looked at them. But let me tell you I imagined that plans were only for complicated projects but I quickly found out that I was wrong.

When I screwed the boards on the walls the drywall got loose so I had to go the the hardware store to get some little plastic supporters for put the screws in.
But as she was putting more and more books the boards that were screwed on the wall on each side began to come back towards the center on the top.
My boards were too thin to support all that weight and the bottom of the bookcase had no support at all.

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