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How marshmallow gun marshmallow shooter, Intro: marshmallow gun marshmallow shooter. For those days when you don't want to carry a large purse, a wristlet wallet does the trick! These smart wallet designs each come with a wrist strap so that you can simply grab your essentials and go!
This wristlet pattern is special because it comes with two compatible wallet patterns in the same bundle. If you are ready to try a beginner-friendly wristlet pattern, Anna has created a simple and small bag with a wrist strap to try out your sewing skills. If you are ready to move beyond a beginner's bag pattern and want to try this advanced zippered wallet with a wrist strap, Cherie will teach you how to get professional touches with this pattern. This intermediate wristlet pattern is especially unique because of the vertical orientation. I know there are lots of zipper pouch tutorials on the web, but I still get questions regarding zippers, so hopefully this will be helpful!  First up, the basic zipper pouch.  This tutorial is for the zipper part only, you can find my other pouch tutorials and buying zipper information here!

Turn your pouch right side out, sew the opening closed and tuck the lining inside the pouch.  Carefully push the corners out and you will have a nice, tidy zipper end! I am trying to make the Bella pouch and am having a hard time understanding how to put the second side of the zipper in. Wristlets are unique in that they allow you to carry cash, credit cards, coins, coupons, receipts, a cell phone or even your favorite lipstick without lugging a bulky bag and cumbersome shoulder strap. Janelle of Emmaline Bags has written a very detailed tutorial to show you how to add a wrist strap or shoulder strap to the Necessary Clutch Wallet (pictured), which also makes a great phone wallet.
Sara designed the Greenbacks Wallet Trio with instructions to make three separate wallets, with ideas to suit sewists at every skill level from beginner to advanced.
Since the purse pattern comes with directions for a long strap, you can also wear it over your shoulder, or simply clip on the short strap to a D-ring on the flap.
With a magnetic snap pouch to hold your cell phone and a zippered pocket for cash or cards, this wallet will hold the essentials.
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This wristlet will let you carry checks, cash, cards and coins while saving room for your favorite lipstick or other personal items.
The wristlet pictured is a carry-all wallet with a front closure and a secure cell-phone pocket on the back. The free wristlet sewing pattern includes full instructions with color photos and 3 pattern pieces. Its convenient size makes it a great project to clip to your purse strap or simply take it out on its own, when you don't want to carry a large purse!

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