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Subscribe to our mailing list to find out about new products, trends, community favorites, and DIY crafts! Golden preserved roses, elegant green preserved hydrangea and intriguing green caspia and yarrow lavishly decorate a fern enhanced base that is enlarged by the addition of honeysuckle vine secured int othe wreaths center.
The oversized composition, which is rich with the textures of feathery fern fronds and a berried garland woven among the blossoms, can bedeck a wall or door, or even be laid atop a table, beginning in spring and continuing throughout the summer.
You will then be directed to our international shipping partner, iGlobal, who will estimate your order in your local currency and collect payment for your order. We are back from the beach and my mind has already starting to think about decorating for fall :).
1) Wrap your green floral wire twice around the wreath and twist it to itself to secure the wire to the wreath. Here is a picture of my new fresh magnolia wreath in my dining room:)  All I need now is some pumpkins and acorns and I am ready to decorate for fall! Hi Ashley, I added an updated picture of my magnolia wreath that I took today to the bottom of my post.
I'm Tara, a mom of four, completely saved by grace who loves to renovate, decorate, garden, craft, cook and dance. Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy & effectiveness of the information displayed on this website, Lehman Lane makes no guarantee as to the procedures & information contained here. Using my Tried & True Formula… SAVE MONEY and EASILY make Professional Silk Flower Wreaths! She has taught thousands her secrets for making jaw dropping and professional looking wreaths EVERY time! She has held nothing back in the making of this video and her techniques are easy for all to understand!
This video is of excellent quality and the information you receive is filled with my very best ideas!
I purchased your video yesterday and today while doing some volunteer work with Alzheimer’s patient in my area I had an opportunity to watch the video. I have learned so much from you over the past year, which has completely transformed my life. I just finished watching the seven-video series on creating a floral wreath, and I wanted to let you know how valuable your videos and other resources have been.
For a limited time, I am able to sell this high-quality, detailed, 120 minute video at this low price. I really wanted “SILK FLOWER SPRING Door Wreath” to be an excellent resource and DIY video for you!
Bend the wreath form into the shape of an egg by placing the wreath vertically on top of a table and then using your hands, gently press down on the sides of the wreath form until it bends into an oval shape.
Once all the needle ties are wrapped around the wreath frame, the wreath is already looking like an egg. Before we move to the next step, let's go ahead and hot glue the vertical support bar that popped off back into place. Measure 3 pieces of deco mesh that are long enough to wrap around the front and sides of the egg shape. Stack the 3 newly cut sheets of mesh on top of each other and lay the egg frame upside down on top of the stacked mesh pieces.
Sew all the way around the wreath form making sure to pull the mesh taught but not too tight so that it doesn't stretch out of shape. As you can see, once completed with the sewing there is excess deco mesh gathered on the back. Once you have the desired ruffle, trim the excess wires off and fold the end of the ribbon so that the fabric doesn't slide back off.
Apply hot glue onto the mesh under both ends of the ribbon making sure to hold in place until cooled. I added two additional strips of ribbon in another pattern by hot gluing the ends of the ribbon to the back of the egg. Learn to create your own fabulous and funky deco mesh wreaths with my ebook, Learn Deco Mesh Wreath Design, found here at this link.

Precious snowman by Mona Sutton (she said she received instructions to make this from Dee's Crafts but changed a few things to make it her own). Sign up for my newsletter to receive exclusive offers and tips on how to make your own wreaths. Well Christmas will be soon around the corner and here i am with another post regarding Christmas decor. If you want to makeup your home modern this year then i have number of ideas for decorating home in a modern way for Christmas. Make these Christmas tree centerpieces with tree branches painted with silver acrylics to give snowy look. This modern DIY Christmas decor centerpiece can be made with PVC pipe and painted round glass ornaments. Well if you are planning for decorating home with rustic ornaments and decorations this Christmas then you can try out crafts shown below. These cool rustic round ornaments covered with jute and fabric are best for DIY Christmas tree decoration. I hope you will try some of DIY Christmas decor ideas from category of modern and rustic Christmas decoration. This entry was posted on November 3, 2014, in Home Decor, Living and life style, Miscellaneous and tagged Christmas crafts, Christmas Decorations, DIY Christmas.
The added vine widens the wreath base and enables a larger canvas onto which the luxuriant materials can be artfully arranged.
I wanted beautiful designer wreaths hanging on my doors and in my home, but I couldn’t afford the designer price tag. She even has people turning to her for guidance in starting their OWN wreath making business. I have learned so much from you and want to tell you that I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. I have always wanted to make silk flower wreaths, just for a change from doing deco-mesh but just did not know how. I'm glad too because now I have each section downloaded and ready to access when I make another silk wreath! I appreciate your selfless devotion to sharing your tips and techniques with those of us who are creatively challenged but are master designers at heart!
I came up with this idea about 2 months ago but I am just now finding the time to get pictures taken and instructions typed.
You may need to use a spool of ribbon as a weight to help hold the mesh flat while trimming. Sewing is definitely not my thing so I made the thread as long as possible but still manageable in order to rush through it. This is the amount of excess wire I ended up cutting off of the ribbon to give you an idea of how much I ruffled mine. If you apply hot glue under the parts of the ribbon where the ribbon isn't folded, the hot glue will show through the front of the ribbon.
If I were selling this creation, I would have also added an additional strip of ribbon around the back of the wreath to cover up my ribbon ends. You can go for modern style ornaments, modern wreaths, and other modern looking christmas trees and crafts.
You can make wreaths out of different things and materials to decorate doors, walls and windows. Hang round shiny ornaments on the tree or painted pine cones to decorate these DIY  Christmas tree centerpieces. Paste pearls on the Styrofoam ball or attach them on the ball by beading them in common pins. Hang this rustic Christmas decoration outdoor or indoor to make your home rustically beautiful during merry holidays. I have displayed three pictures below where classic DIY Christmas trees are displayed made with wood pallets, driftwood etc.
You will need ornaments, ribbons, jute string, rough thick fabric etc for making this DIY Christmas decor craft.

Choose crafts and decorations according to your choice and don’t forget to share your experience. From the beginning when I started following you last year and purchased your ebook and with the information that you share freely with everyone, I have felt that you are a “step above” some of the other designers. I have tons of flowers, forms, fillers sitting in the basement getting dusty, but just could not get my wreaths to look non-amateur. Can't you just imagine hanging these at different heights to use as decorations, you could even use a 24 & 30-inch wreath forms for various sizes?
Make sure not too trim to much as you want the mesh to be able to wrap up the sides of the wreath form and over the outer frame. So if you are a classic style of a person or you are a modern fellow and like changed and new crafts for Christmas you are surely going to like our DIY Christmas decor ideas for 2014.
You can get different ideas for DIY modern Christmas decor from the ornaments and crafts shown below. You can see tutorial for making this paper ornament in our post on DIY Christmas decorations. I have shown some pictures where DIY rustic Christmas decorations are made and used for decorating home and outdoors. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the Save-On-CraftsTerms and Conditionsand Privacy Policy. Her goal is to share her God given talents and to teach others how to make their own designer quality wreaths so she also produces e-books and tutorials like this, teaching the art of wreath making.
I am confident by watching this, as like your other deco-mesh videos, I will be wreathing up a silk flower storm in no time lol!  Thank you so much for taking this step and providing us with your God blessed talent and instruction. I think if anyone is even remotely interested in doing silks, buy the video and save it for when you get ready. The possibilities are endless! I've been learning quite a bit and am spongelike to ur knowledge from the tutorials and videos. To do this I first laid out my ribbon pattern with my ribbon to see how long the ribbon would be and then I doubled this length.
Although Christmas decorations are available at market for readily use but the fun part is making such crafts at home.
Add candles, ornaments, pine cones, lights etc to add more colors, beauty and charm to give your home magical Christmas feel. We have recently brought in several new vendors with beautiful dried and preserved greenery and botanicals at great prices.
Sure I took floral design classes, worked with a few experts who taught me the mechanics but I quickly realized that all there is to making a showstopper silk flower wreath is a basic formula! I personally feel that you are not always putting stuff out there that says—buy—-buy —-buy from me, that you share so much information through your free videos, plus when you do have something to purchase it’s at a very reasonable price. When someone comments to you, you aren’t thinking….oh you need to buy my easel or whatever it might be. Steps for making flowers are shown in picture but for details you can see our previous post about paper flower tutorials.
When our magnolia needs trimmed or loses it’s leaves I save them rather than sticking them out for recycling. Once you learn this basic formula, you change up your flowers and ribbon to work with any season. I feel I am a very giving person also and over the years as a financial advisor, I have given information away also. Pick any one idea from our Christmas decor ideas 2014 and try it at home you will have a pleasant experience. All you have to do is to make numerous paper flower and after making flowers paste them on the wreath ring with any adhesive. Yes I could have probably made a lot more money, if I charged for every piece of advice I gave, I feel I have been blessed and made a good living for myself.

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