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Cock cakes are the most popular erotic dessert requests that bakeries get, mainly for bachelorette parties or hen parties. Here is a useful tutorial on how to make an edible penis cake topper using modeling chocolate. Most bakers make their schlong cakes in the shape of laying down peckers, but I invented a way to make a 3D standing dick cake decoration that is more realistic-looking and easier to sculpt. OPTIONAL: If your chocolate schlong is quite big or you would prefer more support, wait until the chocolate is semi-firm then insert a popsicle or lollipop stick about 1-2 inches through the top of the rod. For a circumcised penis, make a small knob of modeling chocolate that’s slightly darker than the skin tone and fit it over the tip of the shaft so that there is a slight lift to it in the middle of the base (see the video). Using a pointed sculpting implement, make a hole in the top of the shaft, then pinch it back together a little so that it looks more like a slit. Alternatively, there is the lying down dong option, in which case, the chocolate center rod is not needed, but I still recommend it for better sculpting control. When making a lying down dong, follow the same protocol as the standing up dong but attach the ball sac to the base of the shaft and blend them together so that the two pieces become as one.
To make edible pubic hair decorations, you can always use chocolate sprinkles but I recommend vermicelli, which is made of finer bits of real chocolate. Brush the modeling chocolate with corn syrup or glucose syrup before sprinkling on the pubes. To make curled pubes, heat a block of chocolate in a warm oven until it’s a little soft on the outside.
Thank you for a tasteful site (no pun intended) so I can give my sister a cake she will appreciate.
Flowers for Everyone’s new Willy Wonka tie-dyed rainbow roses are selling out so fast we can barely keep up!

Valentine's flower delivery in Sydney to go into the draw to win a Sydney Seaplanes `Fly & Dine' Package for two including lunch at Jonah`s on Whale Beach, valued at $1070.
About UsFlowers for Everyone is Sydney`s favourite florist, specialising in locally grown flowers sold throughout four locations based in the CBD, Balgowlah, Merrylands and Rouse Hill. Be sure to scroll down the page after watching the video to see more photos of finished cakes topped with willies.
With a solid chocolate rod running up the middle for support plus clusters of candied nuts within the ball sac, this penis cake topper is not only fun to eat but it can be made in any size or color to fit on any shape cake. Now if you can convince the guest of honor to bite down and chew on a chocolate chubby in lieu of blowing out candles, then you’ve truly taken the fornicake experience to the next level.
Place the tube into a shot glass or small vessel and stuff the empty space with a napkin or towel to hold it upright.
Then shave off curls using a beveling wood carving tool (for finer chocolate pubes) or a vegetable peeler (for thicker chocolate pubes). In fact I have spent a large part of my day today learning from all of your fantastic tutorials. Follow our recipe below for this new rose craze taking Flowers for Everyone by storm – Willy Wonka Roses! Order these colourful Willy Wonka Roses now online or call us toll free on 1800 66 66 46 to order your crazy rainbow Willy Wonka roses and bring a touch of magic and a splash of colour into someone’s day.

Once it’s hard, invert the rod so that the chocolate part is on top with the stick on the bottom.
Fill it with two piles of candied nut clusters (or any kind of toasted nut) then fold the modeling chocolate over to encase the nuts. If you don’t have acetate, you can try using parchment or wax paper instead but the acetate is a little easier to tape shut.
Smooth out the seams but leave the chocolate ball bags a little lumpy and irregular, just like real nuggets. Pastry chefs use acetate for various things from making chocolate decorations to lining the inside of cake ring molds. This step is not necessary but can be used for extra stability in case you want or need it.
Stand it upright on top of a piece of parchment paper and press it down into the tabletop to flatten the base.

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