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Hay House is proud to announce the first-ever film on the life and work of our much-loved founder, Louise L.
It is her mission to help people learn how to truly connect with their Higher Selves, Angels and Loved Ones in Heaven.
Spitzer Autoworld became interested in locating a new retail dealership and a state-of-the-art service facility in Ontario, Ohio.
Spitzer Autoworld appreciates the help provided by the City of Ontario and the Ontario Growth Corporation in getting the permit approvals and Tax Incremental Financing incentives which led to making our new facilities a reality.
The Ontario Landlords Association (OLA) and its sister organization The Canada Landlords Association (CLA) are leading provincial and national organizations for private small residential landlords. Everyone wants to rent to good tenants who pay the rent on time and respect you and your rental property. This is especially important considering costs for landlords are rising and we can only raise the rent 1.6% in 2015.
The Ontario Landlords Association Wants The System To Be Improved For Small Residential Landlords. According to a report by CBC News called Ontario mulls changes to rental rules, prompting concern from tenants groups the Ontario Liberal government wants to make it easier for small residential landlords to evict problem tenants. After listening to small landlords and far-reaching and passionate landlord groups such as the Ontario Landlords Association and our hard working members, the government realizes there is a need to improve the system to help small landlords. On Monday, March 14th, 2016 the government announced the details of an important update to the Ontario Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy.
This updated strategy would be both bold and transformative to support the challenge of chronic homelessness in Ontario within a decade. These proposed changes are very important to help small residential landlords in Ontario succeed and to encourage more investment in the residential rental sector in Ontario.
Landlords will be able to prohibit pets in their rental units if the landlord lives in the same building. The government proposes to examine whether or not the Rent Increase Guideline accurately calculates the true costs for landlords in a given year. The Ontario Landlords Association has made the government aware of these and other important issues for small residential landlords.
Also in the report the current Minister for Municipal Affairs and Housing, Ted McMeekin, stated the Liberal government is still in the phase of getting more ideas. The Ontario Landlords has voiced the concerns of small residential landlords in Ontario to both the government and the media regarding the problems in the Residential Tenancies Act. By making important changes to the Residential Tenancies Act and the Landlord and Tenant Board, both landlords and tenants will helped. Let’s make Ontario a world leader in encouraging excellent, safe, affordable housing. Safe rentals are also a great way to let all the good tenants out there know you are a responsible and professional landlord who takes being a landlord seriously.  Successful landlords know good tenants want to rent from responsible landlords who rent out safe and well maintained rental housing units.
The Ontario Landlords Association has launched our Fire Safety Campaign to make sure residential landlords across the province are aware of their responsibilities for owning rental properties.
We want every small residential landlord in Ontario to make sure their rental property is safe for tenant In order to help education our Ontario Landlord Community we have reached out to fire professionals for assistance. The great news for landlords is our provincial fire departments have been extremely helpful and share our goal for better and for safer residential rental properties across Ontario.
The issue of safety in residential rental properties is often in the media in St Catharines, Ontario. Landlords are responsible for their property to comply with all applicable requirements of the Ontario Fire Code.
St Catharines requires the same level of conformity as the rest of the municipalities in Ontario – comply with the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code and all referenced Standards. The Ontario Fire Code is applicable throughout the Province as the minimum fire and life safety requirements.
It’s the law in Ontario to have working smoke alarms on every story and outside all sleeping areas in each dwelling unit. As with smoke alarms, landlords are responsible for the installation and maintenance of carbon monoxide alarms. If a tenant is concerned about the safety of their rental unit, they should contact the Fire Prevention Division with their concerns and request an inspection.

St Catharines Fire Services strives to serve and protect all citizens of and visitors to St Catharines from the ravages of fire.
The Ontario Landlords Association has launched our Fire Safety Campaign.  Landlords make sure you know the rules and regulations and make your property safe for your tenants. We continue to have lots of Mississauga landlords contact us for information regarding landlord licensing in their city. We wrote about this when City of Mississauga and Landlord Licensing, and now it’s 2016 and we have more advice from the always helpful Mickey Frost, Director of Enforcement, City of Mississauga. The requirements for obtaining a second unit licence have not changed under the Second Unit Licensing Bylaw 204-13, as amended. As of December 21, 2015, a total of 121 second unit licences (97 Owner Occupied and 24 Investment Dwellings) have been issued and approximately 129 applications (107 Owner Occupied and 22 Investment Dwellings) are currently pending at various stages in the process.
The fees for licences are based upon cost recovery.  The process through which second units are licensed is labor intensive and involves initial and ongoing periodic inspections, processing of applications, maintenance of records related to the second units, and the investigation of complaints related to both licensed and unlicensed second units.
And make sure you get the services and tools you need to make sure you rent to good tenants in 2016.
The Ontario Landlords Association Asked the University of Toronto for Advice On How To Successfully Rent to Great Student Tenants!
We offer a site where you can advertise your rental unit whether it be short- or long-term, private or shared accommodation. We offer various pricing options, insider tips on topics such as creating a more attractive ad for students, average rental rates in your area, and current legislation.
For the first time, we’ve invited our landlords to attend our spring and summer Housing Fairs.
We’ve also added a new annual ad option ideal for those offering week-to-week rentals to medical electives and sabbaticals.
No matter who you are renting to, a good landlord is someone who follows the guidelines of the RTA and stands by their responsibilities to maintain their unit accordingly. Students are looking for places that are fairly close to campus (or near a subway line), offer competitive rental rates, include utilities, and a flexible lease agreement (i.e. We encourage you to include in the ad any amenities and features about your unit that might be attractive to students such as nearby shops, restaurants or attractions, a backyard or patio, natural lighting, air conditioning, or WIFI. Many students start by browsing the listings that have photos, match their desired move-in date, and are within their budget.
When students are calling or viewing a place it’s also an opportunity for the tenant to interview the landlord.
The 2016 annual rent increase guideline, which was announced on Friday, June 19, 2015, is 2.0 per cent. Please find links to the increase, which are available in both English and French at the Ministry website.
The new facility would handle Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram products as well as a second facility for KIA products. We provide a unified voice for private landlords and promote and protect landlord interests to national and local government.
Weisleder’s columns are very helpful for real estate investors and landlords and highly recommended. A Better System Will Lead To More Investment and Better High Quality, Affordable Housing For Tenants! This will lead to more investment, more rentals and more affordable housing in the province. At that time, the Premier made it clear to the Ontario Landlords Association the Ministry took our concerns seriously. As part of the update, the government has floated some proposals to improve the Residential Tenancies Act and improve the law and rules. The goal is to encourage more small residential landlords to invest in rental properties and to rent out part of their properties. Our tens of thousands of landlord members in every corner of Ontario know things need to change and welcome the provincial government also seeing this need. These proposals are from our members who want to create a better system in Ontario to help good landlords invest in and run safe, affordable rentals for tenants. We thank Chief Donati for his time and for helping us get this important message out to residential landlords across the province. What are the responsibilities of private residential landlords when it comes to fire safety in our rental properties?

What are the rules in St Catharines for rental properties regarding making the property fire safe?
Some municipalities or jurisdictions may have more stringent requirements in some cases – always contact your local Fire Prevention department for specific requirements in your area. The landlord is also responsible for providing the tenant with carbon monoxide alarm maintenance instructions. Regarding enforcement of the laws, what type of fines can landlords face if they are not following the laws?
Are there any great resources you recommend for residential landlords to learn more about their responsibilities when it comes to fire safety? St Catharines is becoming know by people all over Ontario that your fire department takes fire safety and the safety of tenants extremely seriously. Through education and proactive programs St Catharines Fire continues to work towards our goal of no fire related loss of persons or property and continued high quality of life through knowledge of fire and life safety. Douglas Meehan, Manager of Compliance and Licensing Enforcement, by telephone at (905) 615-3200, ext. What happens if the Tenant moves in, doesn’t want to pay and reports the apartment to the City as illegal. Our HousingFinder site averages 13,000+ visitors each month including U of T, George Brown, OCAD, and ESL school students, as well as U of T staff and faculty and students of other post-secondary institutions.
This is an opportunity for you to showcase your property, meet prospective tenants, and learn more about our service! The budget is ultimately the deciding factor but students are definitely attracted to a place that offers some of the amenities and features mentioned above. Being genuine and professional from the start will not only get your relationship with your tenant off to a good start, but also provide an opportunity for future referrals (word of mouth). I feel really bad luck around me could you get rid of this for me so I can give my little girl a better life to live? Spitzera€™s real estate personnel contacted the Ontario Growth Corporation for possible sites available in Ontario. Becuase of your support and donations we are able to attract more busieness and grow our community. The Ministry wants to help both good landlords and good tenants by making the rules fair which would lead to more high quality rental units (and more investment by professional, service-oriented residential landlords). Specifically, a landlord is responsible for installing smoke alarms and keeping them in working condition, including testing, repairs and replacement if necessary. Testing of the carbon monoxide alarms and providing the tenant with carbon monoxide alarm maintenance instructions is also the responsibility of the landlord. We have members who admire your actions and with their own local cities were like your team. Students are focused on their studies and want to live in a great, safe, comfortable rental property that in no way will distract them from their goal of getting high grades and obtaining their degree.
Ontario Growth Corporation connected Spitzer with the owner of the vacant land on West Fourth Street across from the Med-Central Wellness Complex. Furthermore, the landlord of each rental suite shall give the tenant a copy of the smoke alarm manufacturer’s maintenance instructions or approved alternative maintenance instructions. Landlords are reminded to ensure they retain documentation that they have provide working alarms, instructions, and maintenance records upon request by the Fire Prevention Office. Please note that City offices will be closed on December 24th at noon to January 3, 2016 inclusive. Through the cooperation of the vacant land owner, the City of Ontario, and the Ontario Growth Corporation, Spitzer Autoworld opened a 22,600 square foot Chrysler facility in the fall of 2013. A landlord must also act to correct any problem or concern reported about the operation of an installed smoke alarm.
Spitzer Autoworld is currently finishing construction of a new 20,800 square foot KIA facility with opening planned for the Spring 2014.

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