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Alex selected a volcano kit last week at Lakeshore Learning store when he had some store credit to burn. The kit included a package of paper mache to make the volcano, a plastic tube for the lava to flow from, eruption powder, lava coloring, and a tray. After adding water to the paper mache and mixing, Alex formed his volcano around the plastic tube. After the eruption, the kids played with the volcano and we discussed real volcanoes and hot lava… Alex is excited for his volcano to dry off and make it erupt again soon.

Marketing Mama® features articles on parenting as a working mom, health, family activities, cool products, my two adorable children and sometimes I even talk about marketing. Of course he wanted to make his volcano right away and was excited about the big eruption to come. Although, judging by Avery diving into the fetal position, and Alex covering his ears, I realized they were both expecting a loud noise. We also made sure to create valleys and ridges down the side of the volcano for the lava to flow.

Which is good … to build excitement, learn patience, and get more than 20 minutes enjoyment out of it.

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