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If you have a wide nose and you always wondered how to make it look thinner only with the help of makeup then you are in the right place. The baseboards in our laundry room were in fairly good shape still…considering…and we didn’t want to take the time to pull them out and add new ones with all the other projects we had on our to do list! This update is a really easy and inexpensive way to get the nicer look of the taller baseboards that don’t come in the standard house.  We simply took a piece of wood that measured 1 inch and used that as our spacer to get the molding to the height we wanted. When the molding is attached, you will then need to go and fill the cracks and crevices with white painters caulk.
When it has properly dried you can paint your baseboards.  We painted ours with two coats to give it a super nice finish!  Just tape the wall and the floor with some Frog Tape or Blue Painter’s Tape to give you a nice crisp edge.
I have a suggestion for Amy with the textured walls, Put the trim up just like in the tutorial but then in between the two moldings take a putty knife and wet the area and slide putty knife across to remove finish, sand a little bit and that should make the two match pretty well.
This trick is so easy to do and makes such a great difference in your appearance that you will be amazed.

Use some shinny lipstick to catch the attention to your lips and you can be sure no one will notice your nose.
I always thought trim was plain white, but we are in the middle of some remodeling & are being told no one uses white.
I have to say I am very jealous of your Laundry Room, I live in Spain, in European cities we don’t even dream of having a room exclusively for laundry, so yours is an absolute luxury I totally drool over.
I’ve actually seen the same technique used in a very expensive model home – but on the crown molding! We have some tall baseboards in our living room that look like someone just placed a 1 X 6 on the wall. Our 1922 craftsman home has 6″ base in it, with a shoe nailed at the bottom to fill in between the floor and the bottom of the base. A mother of five, who enjoys sharing her love of all things creative in hopes of inspiring other women and families.

After sanding and refinishing the floors, the shoe in one room is now too short to bridge the gap. I want to put new baseboards in the livingroom but maybe I will just do this in the other rooms! If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine. Never miss a creative idea that she shares by connecting with her here, or read more of her posts.
We need to probably do an overhaul with all of our trim and I’m loving how yours looks.

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