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As every year, there is a number of new modes in multiplayer, which I Grind the most interesting addition was made.
It ensures that snipers be traditional snipers again and be forced to play what will be more static. In each game mode is now also a Field Order, this is a case that at first blood is dropped and includes a command that you need to complete in a lifetime, such as the teabaggen of your victims or make two kills with a busted weapon. Infinity Ward has of origin Spec Ops as coop mode and that I found personally always a lot of fun to do, more fun than zombies (though I know that this many people against the shins stairs). You choose in the beginning a class; Medic, Engineer, Tank, Specialist, you can progress during your leveling with skillpoints you deserve. There removed, but Rubin has already indicated that that can come back later with DLC and any updates. To get you in that more traditional role to give some more overview, Infinity Ward has dual render added, where you still have a blurry image around your scope of what happens around it.
There are of course also still traditional Call of Duty maps in which you play one or two levels high, but you get to a number of maps you should really observe if you don’t like ten feet tall is shot. Should that happen, then you get a reward, often in the form of a Care Package, but sometimes also dramatischers something. You can stop your points in your class-specific skill (for example, faster heal at Medic etc.) or in the upgrades of your equipment that you can put down or dropping for your teammates.

It’s less static than Zombies, the environment is more open and the Aliens move more unpredictable. Cranked is actually Team Deathmatch, where you get a kill after about 30 seconds to make the next kill before you explodes. As previously announced, most maps with dynamic events, for example, you may find that you can drop a nuke with a Field Order that the entire folder into a mess.
You can choose four equipmentslots with ammo, armor, turrets and other traps, which you then can put down and throw for you and your teammates with the money you earn with killen and teamplay.
Working with towerdefense and giving boosts to your teammates is fun and you’re a solid team right away, because you have really need each other. The problem with quickscopen was that a sniper shot right at the moment you quickscopete unrealistic. Not every folder has such a great dynamic, it can also be a tree that you can shoot so you get a new road creates or a fence that you dichtgooit to block an access to a strategic spot.
So you go from Hive to Hive to those filthy slippery beasts of Jacobs, while the opposition is heavier and heavier. You can still shoot it quickly with a sniper, but there is a random deviation built at the time that you do it. I freaked out when I heard it as a silly, while Wouter next to me couldn’t suppress a small sleeve.

There will be a special Clans playlist, where you can join and four with MLG rules can play against other clans. Other typical League Play elements, such as join a random team or a random invader to do along with your team of three, you will have to do without. Could you still In Spec Ops for multiple missions and other difficulty, making you could do as a whole evening with your friends. I find it very regrettable, I have many hours in League Play stopped and it made Call of Duty for me a lot more interesting by the emphasis to teamplay.
Extinction Mode can I find a nice addition, but I’d actually prefer new Spec Ops missions.
Is ie: after the missile attack by the Federation there are craters of millions of years old with where meteorites opengeschoten inzaten kind of extraterrestrial life. Mark Rubin has also indicated that there most likely DLC comes with a new Extinction level. Two weeks after the attack, the Earth is so infested with the scum and you must close once and for all that craters with a nuke.

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