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Rent Receipt Template Rent receipt is a business document that is prepared to keep record of rent received or rent paid. Petty Cash Template Petty cash is small amount of cash that is put aside for meeting miscellaneous business expenses on daily basis.
Payment Voucher Template A payment voucher is a written record of payment to be made to some external entity for different purposes.
Free Invoice Template An invoice is a business document that can also be considered as a bill of goods or services sold. Meeting agenda is the set of outlines of all points to be discussed in a meeting going to be organized.
Agenda Template Agenda is a document that lists out the activities of a business meeting in detail. Meeting Minutes Template Meeting minutes template can help you a lot to note down meeting meetings effectively when attending an important business meeting. Task List Templates Utilize this task list template given below the content and keep track of all things to be done by you in a particular period of time.

Meeting agenda is actually a meeting plan that words out how the meeting will go, who will be the participants of business meeting, when and where will the business meeting be organized, what special preparations should be made by the participants to make this meeting result oriented etc. Proper planning is must thing to accomplish something efficiently; similarly a meeting agenda is a basic tool to have a meaningful meeting.
Main information on a cash receipt may include cash receipt number, date of payment, name of payer, amount paid, purpose of payment, total amount due, amount paid, balance due if any, mode of payment whether by cash, by cheque or by money order, signatures of recipient etc. A meeting agenda is just like a comprehensive list of activities with an order in which they are to be taken up or details of issues to be discussed during the meeting. A copy of meeting agenda is sent to all concerned people so that they may join the meeting with full preparations.  Every discussion during the meeting will stick to the meeting agenda.
Meeting agenda usually prepared with list of items that participants of the meeting hope to accomplish in meeting. Here we present a cash receipt template to give you idea about design, format and content of this document.
Agenda should be prepared couple of days before the meeting and distributed in all participants for their information.

We have prepared this cash receipt template in MS Word 2007 to give you maximum flexibility of customization. If you have no idea about how to develop an effective meeting agenda, you should use this meeting agenda template to generate an effective one in minutes. You can download and use this cash receipt template in the same form or make changes according to your needs. You can use this meeting agenda template to plan your meeting if you are given responsibility to organize the upcoming business meeting.

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