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If you were learning this song, these two versions could give you a lot of insight into how the song CAN be interpreted and with what results. Do you have your music making software and gear all set, but wonder where to start the actual song making process? I go to the Piano Roll view in FL Studio and choose a root note and  I layer one ore two more notes on top of it and experiment till I find a note combination that sounds good. Now, the strings chord pattern I have just created is very very basic, but it’ll give me a guideline what melodies I should add next. I simply just copy the root notes of the strings chord pattern and paste them to the bass instrument track. So basically what I just created here is the chorus for my song (or the “hook” as it’s often called). When I’m making a song, I need to listen it as in whole, over and over and over again, countless of times, just to get a hang of the feel and to hear the bigger picture. If I make a song using the common structure – intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-outro, I usually try to create the verses in a way that they make the chorus stand out. Just one more thing, when you start a track with the drums + bass how do you create a melody around it? Hey Marco, at the moment I’m not able to offer the downloadable version straight from my website (bandwidth limit), but you can go to my Youtube channel and use a Firefox extension like Easy Youtube Downloader to dl it. You can read them on the left side of this page, in the graphic.This article will offer you information that is different from what you will find on the video.Please use both sources to learn the most about ways to be a more original performer! Listen to many performances of the songWe singers can learn a lot by listening to and watching other singers perform songs that we want to sing. Music making software I’m using is FL Studio and musical style here is something like downtempo with soundtrack kind of elements. At this point I have to say that I don’t have a lot of music theory knowledge (seriously, I can’t even read the notes), but I do have a bit of musical ear so I can pretty much tell what chords, chord combinations and melodies work together.

Miroslav Philharmonik has some nice sounding strings and strings are good for experimenting with different kind of chords. I copy and paste the first chord and try different notes in it to find a combination that plays well with the first chord.
There’s a tons of possibilities and different kind of combinations and it may take a while before I come up something catchy. I load an instrument which I’m going to use to play a melody that works with the strings chord pattern.
I’ll keep adding and testing different notes until I find a melody that plays along nicely with the strings chord pattern.
I copy the root notes of strings chord pattern and build a bassline according to those root notes. I choose a kickdrum, snare and hihat and create a basic drum pattern that fits to the style of bassline and melodies.
I load a kickdrum, snare and hihats to FL Studio’s Sampler channels and create a drum pattern via Step Sequencer that plays along nicely with the bassline and melodies.
I try to keep the verse simple (simpler melodies) and go with less sounds (fewer drums sounds for example) than the chorus so that chorus really makes an impact to the listener. I usually use a “mini-chorus” here which could be something simple like an instrument playing the chorus melody.
Another one I use a lot is that I create a drum groove, start to play bassline on top of it with my MIDI keyboard, compose the melodies and then maybe chords. He has been producing music with computers over a decade on such styles as trance, downtempo, ambient & experimental electronic using FL Studio.
The instrument to play in the intro, for example, could be the same instruments of chorus? But I suggest to add a couple of more instruments to the chorus to make it really stand out between the verses.

This is SO beatiful, that i’ve listened the step 3 of this tutorial more than the whole music.
I should also dive into pure music theory as that is the area I seriously lack of knowledge! So, next task is to load up another instrument and start to design a melody that works together with the strings chord pattern.
I usually start with something very basic and blend in more percussion elements (or loops) as I move on. Song must be coherent as in whole so the chorus works like a guideline giving me directions on what kind of melodies the verses should have as they must be in a style of chorus. This way I’m able to decide what sounds or melodies REALLY needs to be tweaked, taken out or added so that there arent any inconsistencies. OR one method is that I just start building a song from the intro, without a clue what the chorus is going to be and keep adding elements as I move on and usually I come up with some nice ideas for the chorus at some point.
Bassline can be created from scratch, but in this example I use the root notes of the strings chord pattern and build the bassline based on those root notes.
I usually use the basic strings and oboe sounds just for designing the melodies and after I come up with something decent, I start to test how the melodies work with different kind of instruments and sounds.
I’m personally using this technique (alongside with many others) when I’m out of musical ideas. So everything usually changes and the finished song will sound much more different than this.

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