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Do you know someone, perhaps a friend, who borrowed money from you and after all this time, has not bothered to pay you back? Thanks to former Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno, we now have the Rule of Procedure for Small Claims Cases which allows any individual or business to file a case against someone who owes them money. Below is a 15-minute primer video, that shows how to file for small claims cases in the Philippines. Again, as a reminder, to be able to file a case against your debtor under the Rule of Procedure for Small Claims Cases, the money claim should not exceed P200,000, which should already include interests and penalty fees (if there’s any). If the money being claimed is more than that amount, then the plaintiff would have to go to regular court. Now that all the documents are submitted, and all administrative fees are paid, the court will then assign the case to a judge (through a raffle) and if it’s found that there is merit to the case, the defendants will be given a Summon, Notice of Hearing, Information for the Defendant, Response Form and other documents. Then, the plaintiff will be informed and will be sent a Notice of Hearing which will state the scheduled date and time of appearance in court. During the Settlement Discussion, the two parties, with the mediation of the judge, will have the chance to settle the case. UPDATE: The Supreme Court (SC) has raised the amount of claims that fall within the jurisdiction of small claims courts from P100,000 to P200,000 effective Feb. Hi magtanong lang po meron kasi nagpagawa sa amin ng ng mga gown last around oct- nov ang wedding nila january 23,2013. An old friend who was working in Saudi Arabia 3 years ago contacted me asking if I can lend him a certain amount of money because he was put in jail for some reason. Masakit pong isipin iniligtas ko sya at nung need nya po pera hindi ako nag dalawang isip na pahiramin sya. I have a friend who borrows me money last may 2012 the remaining balance as of thisdate is php.
To my fellow readers: I think yung queries natin about settlements would be best done dun sa small courts na nabanggit sa article.
Small claim is useless kahit manalo ka pa sa kaso kung ayaw kang bayaran ng may utang sa iyo wala rin mangyayari gagastos ka lang ng filing fee. Dapat tlga may nakukulong ng dahil sa utang khit ilang buwan lng pra nmn yung mga mahilig mangutang na alam nmn nla na wala silang sapat na pagkukunan ng pang bayad eh mag isip din kung dapat pa b silanf mangutang o hindi kc nga makukulong cla kung ndi cla makakapagbayad kc bale wala din yung pagsasampa ng kaso sa small claims kung ndi rin mapaparuhan man lng o masisingil yung ndi nagbayad kawawa nmn yung nag pautang ndi na nga nakasingil nagastusan pa sa pag fifile sa small claims dba dapat pag aralan maigi nung nagsa batas nito yung kaukulang parusa na pwedeng ipataw sa mapapatunayang nagkasala kc kung wla din nmng mapipilit na ibayad at ndi rin makukulong gagawin tlga nlang hanap buhay ang mangutang ng walang bayadan kc wla nmn pla makukulong dapat makulong at kung ayaw makulong dapat magpursigeng magbayad dba tama ba? I need help po, yung kasama ko dati dito sa Saudi nag hiram sakin ng pera, tinuring ko syang kaibigan kaya madali ko lang sya napahiram and yung amount na hiniram nya alam kong madali lang nya mababayaran kasi 1 buwan lang na sahod nya yun, hanggang sa di na sya napa balik sa company namin sa di malamang kadahilanan, 2013 sya humiram sakin ng pa unti unti hanggang inabot na sa 90k, nanghihiram pa nga kaso di na ko pumayag hanggang di nya nababayaran yung una nyang inutang, almost 2 years na nakalipas hanggang ngayun ni piso wala syang binigay, nangako sya na makikipag kita sya sakin nuong bakasyon ko pero ni anino nya di ko nakita,wala kaming kasulatan, puros conversation lang sa FB, magagamit ko ba yun na katunayan na may utang sya sakin? What if may decision na ang court tapos hindi parin nag bayad yung umutang what will happen? Mamatay po yung father ko na maraming pinautang, pwede po bang mga anak o asawa ang mag file na small claims?

Naging mabait lang tayo at naging tao sa kanila na nangangailangan kaya tayo nagpa-utang, kaya karapatan natin maprotektahan ng batas pra mabawi kung anong inutang nila. Naku ang kapal nga ng mukha din ng umutang sa kin naturingang naging kaibigan ko pa nademanda ko na sa small claims nagkaron kami ng compromise agreement kaso di naman tinutupad, sya pa ang malakas ang loob kasi alam nya d sya makukulong ngayon nagpalit na ng number di ko na ma contact tlgang makapal ang mukha.
Do you have a business, perhaps a sari-sari store, where one of your neighbors have accumulated credit so high they’re now avoiding you or making silly excuses already because they don’t want to pay anymore? As plaintiff, you would also need to accomplish a Verified Statement of Claim which certifies that all information you gave is correct and you have not filed the same case in any other court. If no agreement happens, the case will now move to a court hearing which should occur on the same day. Does his wife can be consider as the defendant in case I will proceed in filing to small claims court?
The document I have is an agreement stating that he will settle what he owes me or iwill retrieve any properties that wil compensate the amount he owes me.
Mas maganda pong pumunta na lang kayo sa Small Claims Court dahil sila po ang mas may karapatan sagutin ang mga tanong ninyo.
There were some damages that needed to be replaced which was denied by MAfre although their certified repair shop agreed that this damage was accident related. Or if may kakilala din kayo na lawyer, pwede din mag-ask kung ano basic ground rules about lending. Wala ako sa Pinas ngayon kaya hindi ko magagawa yung advise mo na pumunta sa court at mag inquire.
Sobra po kasing nahihirapan kami sa paniningil sa parents kahit iexplain namin na dun lang kami kumukuha ng budget psng sweldo at operational expenses. By the way is it ok that his wife sign in his behalf confirming that balance is php 64,000 as of 21-jan-14.
It is a process that goes back and fort but the video did not say what will happen to the person with debt if finally, he admits that he has no way to pay his debt. His friend advised him to skip filing a claim and instead pay for the repairs out of his own pocket because the car was not damaged badly and getting it repaired was unlikely to cost him much. Ano po ba ang pwede kong gawin, wala po ako sa Pilipinas para i claim ko po ung pera ko pandagdag man lang sa gamot ng Erpat ko. Then I decide to payed him visit in his place yesterday to my surprise his wife told me that he already left for middle last november.
I’m looking for some answers din katulad ng paano kung sabihin na wala silang maibibigay at walang pedeng ibenta na pagaari nya after the small claim decision? Eh paano kung itong taong ito eh ganun un modus operandi nya na kahit na idemanda sya ng small claims eh hindi naman sya makukulong o uubligahin ng batas kng sabihin ng sheriff na wala silang magagarnish dito.

Sa ganang akin lng ayos lang sa akin kung ang taong umutang ay makikitang nghihikahos tlaga sa buhay at wla tlagang kakayanan at umutang lang dahil sa kagipitan, pero paano kng ngtatago at ginawang escape goat un batas na hindi namn makukulong dahil sa utang at ideclare lang nya na wala syang ariarian. What i’m just trying to emphasize here is that the true victim in this situation is not the people who borrowed the money but those who helped those people out of good deeds. However, it is in one's own interest to do some calculations and keep some basic facts in mind while deciding whether or not to claim insurance.
In case of motor insurance, for instance, it directly impacts the no claim bonus, which becomes zero and thus results in a person having to pay higher premium amounts in the future," informs Sanjiv Bajaj, managing director, Bajaj Capital.
In case of a claim, only the balance after subtracting the 'deductible' amount is payable subject to other deductions such as depreciation etc. Thus, it is pointless to claim small amounts which are close to or less than the 'deductible' amount specified in your car insurance policy as you would gain very little or nothing.
This NCB starts at 20% at the end of the first claim-free year and increases steadily with every claim-free year to a maximum of 50%.
Even if a single claim is made, the NCB goes back to zero, which is another reason for not making small claims.
Assume that your policy has a deductible of Rs 2000 and the NCB discount on the policy works out to Rs 6000. In this case if you make a claim of, say Rs 4000, you will have to pay Rs 2000 of the claim bill yourself and also lose the NCB discount of Rs 6000.
Here it makes monetary sense to make a claim only if the claim amount is well over Rs 8000, say Rs 13000 plus. However, if the claim amount is say Rs 10,000, then it may be wiser to get the car repaired at your own cost and forgo the claim.
However, "apart from increasing the premium rates, insurers can even deny the renewal of your policy if there are continued losses year after year on the insured risk or there is no due diligence observed by the insured to avoid the repeated losses," says Bajaj.
Here 'nature of claim' refers to whether the damage to the car is your fault or that of someone else (third party). If someone hits your car from behind, prompting you to file a claim, your rates are unlikely to be raised in normal circumstances. However, if the fault is yours and such claims are frequent, then it would probably be difficult for you to escape a rate hike.

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