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To make a claim reasonable; is it valid; if it's a money claim, have you calculated the amount correctly? If your claim is ?5000.00 or less, you will not be able to claim any legal fees, or if you are doing this yourself, you will not be able to claim for loss of earnings, travel to court or an amount for the time you have spent. If your claim is unreasonable, or, your claim had no substance in the first instance, the defendant can ask the court to make an order for "Wasted Costs", meaning you caused the defendant to spend monies unnecessarily. If your claim is over ?5000.00, and you lose your case, you will be responsible for the other side's reasonable costs. It is vitally important to remember before bringing any claim you must have exhausted all the alternative avenues to try and resolve your issue. If your claim is ?10,000 or less, it will generally be allocated to the small claims track.
If you have a more complex case our legal team are able to give you guidance and professional support throughout the process of the case. If you decide to take court action after failing to obtain a satisfactory response from our letter you must do this within certain time limits.
Once you have provided a full timeline of events our legal team start by filling in a claim form (N1) on your behalf. The claim form asks for details of the claimant (you) and the defendant and how much is being claimed. In some circumstances, additional documents need to be attached to the particulars of claim along with supportive evidence. It is important to prepare your case carefully and are advised you instruct one of our legal advisors to assist you with your claim to increase your chances of success. When it comes to choosing a binary options broker to trade with, we would always recommend traders to first look at regulated brokers – not least because of the higher level of protection that they will get. The Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) is a fund that was created under the Cyprus Investment Firms (IF) Law 2002. The court has issued a ruling which suspends the ability of investors to make a claim against the broker.
Once the process to compensate the investors has been initiated, the decision will be published in the national newspapers by the ICF to invite covered parties to submit their claims against the broker to the ICF. Can prove that he or she was out of the country for at least half the period covered by the deadline for claim submission. Has confirmation from a doctor that they are suffering from a serious illness which prevented the covered party from submitting his claim in a timely manner.
The administrative committee for the ICF will then vet the claims to see if they meet the requirements for compensation. As mentioned earlier, professional traders are not covered under the ICF and as such should ensure that they are not classified by their brokers as being professional traders. Are Binary Options Brokers Based in Offshore Tax Havens Scammy?Virtnext Is Actually Not A Scam!!!! Binary Options trading can be very profitable but only when you trade with a reputable broker.
Answer the following questions to determine if your claim qualifies for small claims court. If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you are ineligible to file in Small Claims court. If you answered "No" to all of the questions, the following information may be helpful in filing your claim in the Justice of the Peace court. In most cases, the courts recommend first sending the opposing party a letter by certified mail, giving them notice that if they fail to pay damages within 30 days, legal action will be initiated.

Step 2 Determine in which Justice of the Peace Precinct it is appropriate to file your claim. Pick up the one-page small claims petition at the appropriate Precinct, or call them and ask them to mail you one. It is your burden as a plaintiff and it is important that you understand that for any potential judgment you may preceive to be valid, it is necessary for you to sue the defendant in his or her proper legal capacity, of which there are typically three. Proof: You may attach copies of invoices, receipts or documents you intend to bring to the court. When you have completed and filed the petition, a citation along with a copy of your petition will be served to the defendant notifying him that a suit has been filed against him in J.
After the defendant is served, the defendant must file a written answer either denying any civil liability or acknowledging the debt.
The earliest date on which a trial can be set is the 1st Monday following the expiration of 45 days. If you have witnesses to your law suit who will not come to the court voluntarily, you may ask the court to subpoena those individuals prior to trial.
Subpeona: An order signed by the judge, ordering a person to appear in court as a witness or to bring documents. As a plaintiff, you have the burden of proof to show by the preponderance of the evidence.
Once you have a judgment, the court does not collect the money for you, nor can the court force an indigent to pay the judgment. This type of suit does not warrant hiring an attorney; however, you are free to do so if you wish, as is the defendant.
On the petition, you name the party or parties you are suing, the amount of the damages you are seeking and give an explanation of the lawsuit. If you file in the wrong precinct, there is the possibility the defendant will challenge the location of the court hearing. The following are documents you may file after you have obtained a judgment from the court. An abstract puts a lien on any real property the defendant may own in a particular county where the Abstract is recorded. The Writ of Garnishment is also available thirty days after the final judgment has been signed.
A Turnover order is available before and or after the judgment is signed and its purpose is to provide a court-ordered means of reaching property which cannot easily be reached through ordinary legal process and which is not exempt from attachment, execution, etc. The judge has the power to dismiss any claim which has not followed appropriate pre-action protocol inline with the Civil Procedure Rules. If the claimant is a private tenant and is claiming against their landlord then the case will be allocated to the small claims track if the repairs are below ?1,000. The time limit depends upon what type of action you are taking, for example, the time limit for breach of contract is six years. The claim form includes space for the particulars of claim which allows us to provide an in depth description of the circumstances surrounding your claim and why you think you are owed the money.
For example, one of the main benefits that traders receive when they deal with CySEC regulated brokers is access to the Investor Compensation Fund scheme. Its main purpose was to compensate covered parties under the fund from the claims that arise as a result of a member firm being unable to meet its obligations. The publication will also detail the manner of the claim submission, the address to submit the claim to and the deadline for the submission of the claim. Once the claim has been ascertained as valid, the next step undertaken by the administrative committee will be to determine the amount of the compensation.

If this is the case, they can request their broker to change their trading status to that of a retail trader. At the Binary Scam sniffer we provide reviews of the best brokers and expose the Scam brokers.
You need to file in the appropriate courthouse for the precinct where the defendant lives or in the precinct where the controversy occurred. Should you file against the wrong entity, you will have to begin again and possibly have to pay trial expenses caused by filing against the wrong party. If you are suing a corporation or other entity you must obtain the name of the agent for service.
An additional $45 fee is required to reach each defendant named in the lawsuit who needs to be served with a petition by the court. If he does not contest the petition, the defendant can make a separate agreement with the plaintiff that the judge will sign either before or at the hearing.
This means that you must demonstrate to the court that more likely than not, the defendant you are suing is the proximate cause of your damages in the legal capacity in which defendant is sued. If you receive a judgment against the defendant, the court can issue various instruments to assist you in collecting the judgment.
It is recommended to attach copies of invoices or documents you intend to bring to the court so the defendant has an idea of the basis of the lawsuit, especially when you are suing a business. These documents are designed to help you collect the money awarded to you in you judgment. This document authorizes the Sheriff or Constable to seize any assets belonging to the defendant that are subject to this writ. An attorney should be used because the courts clerical staff will not be able, by law, to assist you in drafting the documents that are necessary. You can give more detail to your claim when you draft your witness statement later on in the proceedings. This includes drafting a pre action letter making the individual or business aware of your complaint. Under the Cypriot Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law of 2007, all Cypriot Investment Firms (CIFs) are required to be a member of the fund and contribute to the Fund yearly. Traders should note that the maximum amount which they can be compensated by the ICF is only up to 20,000 euros. If you’re not sure what precinct is appropriate, call the precinct nearest you and ask.
You may request an Abstract of Judgment, Writ of Execution, Writ of Garnishment and Turnover Order. Institutions such as banks, credit cooperatives, insurance companies, State agencies, Investment firms and professional traders are not entitled to compensation under this scheme. Be comprehensive enough with the allegations so that a third party having no knowledge of the suit could read the petition and understand your claim for damages. You are ordering the bank or third party to freeze the monetary assets or non-exempt property and to appear and make answer to the Garnishment suit.
So regardless of the number of accounts which a trader has with a broker, his compensation will only be 20,000 euros at the most.

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