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Look at successful sign designs, you will notice that they are very simple and easily remembered so you can recognize them instantly at anywhere. According to experts at the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), signs are a terrific way to reach consumers on the go.
By following these basic sign design rules, your business' sign can become highly visible and recognizable, and promote your business more than you may realize. Sothink Logo Maker upgrades your logo design experience by offering 190 templates, 2500+ searchable vector graphics and 40+ text fonts. Effects like gradient, shadow, bevel, glow, reflection & hollow can be accessed by one click.
See a variety of color combinations and ideas for creating two layer signs by viewing our Double Text Custom Sign Collection. Upgrade for Outdoor Use [Add $20.00]A clear coat is applied to the finished sign for added protection against weather and sun. Double Layer Family Name Signs with SayingsWe feature a variety of themes in our Double Text Sign Collection including Family Last Names Signs, Established Date Signs, First Name Signs, Welcome Signs, and Initial Signs. If you've ever watched American Pickers, you know that vintage tin signs are a hot commodity.
The pattern used is the first one named Rough, in Photoshop's included "Erodible Textures" Pattern library. The coffee pot is a total of 4 layers: the body, the black rubber seal, the lid, and the round nub on top. Remember, while using the Pen tool, you'll draw the initial mug outline as a Shape (set in Photoshop's top menu area). Creating the liquid coffee can be a little tricky if you've never used the Pen tool, or depending on which version of Photoshop you have as some things have changed over the years. Duplicate the small oval shape we just created, clear the layer styles, and change the color to #4C3E35.

Draw two separate shapes for the shadows of the mug and pot, and place those layers just below your mug and pot layers.
Set the Fill for each to 0% in the Layers palette and apply the follow layer style settings to both.
Create a new layer between the mug and pot and draw the shadow that the mug casts on the pot using black. Create a new group in the Layers palette and move all your other layers except the bottom rust layer inside. The mask is white, so whatever we paint into it as black will be transparent and show the rust underneath.
We used our Torn Paper Edges Brush Pack 1 and our Watercolor Strokes Brush Pack 1, which work perfectly for this effect. Using black, "stamp" or draw your brush along the bottom edge of the Layer Mask to make our artwork transparent and show the rust underneath. Using various brushes, continue this process and draw more black along the outsides of the image, rounding off the corners for a more realistic effect. Click your new vector mask, select the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U), set the tool mode to Path, and click your canvas. Use the Elipse Tool (U), again in Path mode, but set to Subtract Front Shape, and draw small circles in the corners and at the middle edge of the top and bottom. Apply the following layer style settings to the Group to add some subtle depth to the sign.
Enter your email address now for free updates on freebies, tutorials, and exclusive subscriber discounts. The organization adds that case studies continually show that signs increase awareness, influence purchasing, and sell products. Importing SWF file to extract high-resolution vector graphics is also allowed, which will greatly enrich your sign design resources.

Besides, there are 400 well-chosen color schemes filtered by color and category which keep you from complicated color palettes and color matching rules. You choose the family name, a favorite quote, first names, important date or other desired text.
Create your own sign in this style from scratch with our Double Text Custom Made Sign using your own base and foreground texts. Limit 10 characters for sign size displayed.If your Base Text is over 10 chars you must select a larger sign size which you can do further down the page. If you prefer you can add a FREE gift message to the packing slip (no prices included) during check out instead.Please avoid the use of multiple dashes.
Lucky for us, we can recreate this retro effect in Photoshop — without the fear of a possible tetanus shot. Set the Fill to 0% in the Layers palette and apply the follow layer style settings using the color #BD8440. Create a rounded rectangle that is the size of the canvas (1600 x 1280) with a 25px radius.
Set the Fill to 0% in the Layers palette and apply the following layer style settings for some lighting effects. Create your own family sign with an inspirational saying or send one to your favorite family.
Features of this sign line beginning with the product code JFDS include: Each wood sign is made from finish grade clear pine. Shipping details and a list of suggested quotes, colors, and text positions are pictured at the bottom of this page.

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