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I am the folower of almost all the post of diy and im impress the are such a good idea ,and all nice and beautiful,thank u for sharing to us.
Do you have some ideas you would like to share about adding baby footprints to a scrapbook page? In the previous post about this project, you followed along with me on a super strange trail of creative inspiration.
The idea was to make wall art by building layers of patterned scrapbook paper and painted stencil patterns. In the previous post about inspiration, you learn why there’s an arch in the collage. Money-saving tip: Scrapbook papers cost under $1 each and are a very inexpensive way to get lots of pattern and color. I decided the navy blue was murky and muddy, and for a 50th anniversary celebration, brighter colors like teal would be better.
Next, I used the big engineering print of the arch as a guide to cut an arch out of green papers. On this second blue paper, for some more pattern, I stenciled an Annapakshi bird stencil from Royal Design Studio with teal blue stencil creme paint.
I originally painted this same border across the top in red, but then the red band of paint at the top competed too much with the red stripe on the lower left side. I decided to play up the curved arch shape, and painted a partial medallion centered above the arch. At first I wasn’t going to use glass, thinking the artwork might have the effect of canvas. After a wild and crazy trip trying to find the right inspiration, the collage was finally done!
Join 85,000 people following Nomadic Decorator on Pinterest!See what Nomadic Decorator shares on Pinterest! Disclosures & PoliciesSee my policies about email lists, affiliate links, ads and sponsored posts. I started to make my own birthday cards because I wanted to make full use of my scrapbook paper and supplies. There’s also a corner here where you can find birthday card verses to write in your homemade or printable happy birthday cards. Another thing, the birthday card ideas you find here aren’t just for birthdays, you can adapt the ideas into thank you cards, love cards, retirement cards, graduation greeting cards and cards for other occasions. Okay, it’s time to make a birthday card today to spread a bit of handmade love on someone’s special day!
Thank you for your lovely comment and I’m glad to hear that these homemade birthday cards are giving you some new ideas to try out. The Secret to Making Beautiful Cards Every time you sit down to make cards, a card sketch can be time-saving, help you see the big picture, and let you make nicer cards!

DisclosurePlease note that if you click on links on this website and purchase items, in most cases, the owner of this site will receive a small commission through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question. It involved the Taj Mahal, a wayward Indian taxi driver, poets from thousands of years ago, and love sentiments followed by quick death. I choose a blue paper for the lower right corner, which will be a prominent part of the collage because it will eventually fill in the arch.
The Annapakshi is a mythical auspicious bird in India, so it fits the Indian theme of this collage. There was an unsightly seam in some blue paper because I had to cut it to pass it through a printer. Here’s where you can find many homemade birthday cards to get your creativity flowing in your card making project. You may be a busy mom who doesn’t have plenty of time to make birthday cards that are complicated and time-consuming. Many of these handmade cards can be completed quickly and be sent off to your family or friends. My self-written birthday card greetings, my new collection of birthday messages, and a complied list of famous birthday quotes, will keep your birthday wishes flowing. It’s always a pleasure to have people referring my blog to others who might find it helpful in their card making projects. In the end, I was able to piece together an idea acceptable for a 50th wedding anniversary gift. Remnant or reject frames can be found super cheap in the framing area of JoAnn, Michaels or Hobby Lobby.
While doing a previous project, I found chipboard curled at the corners when I glued paper to it. So I built two color palettes based on blue — one was more navy blue and the other was teal and green. I like rubber cement or E6000 glue for projects like this because if they smear you can easily clean up both glues and leave no trace of smears.
It also has shapes that remind me of a bindi which is the mark on a forehead worn by married women in India. With some cardstock, patterned paper, and embellishments, you are on your way to hand make cards! Yes, it would be nice to have some wall art, but just not the same mass manufactured stuff that everyone else has… yuck!
That took some work because obviously a love sentiment followed by quick death is not an acceptable gift! Chaai the Crafty Cat gets involved in all my projects and so he looked at the paper choices. I thought about how on buildings in India you might see bits and pieces of colorful flyers and posters.

I am also running a blog based on birthday occasions so I really love the way you managed all sort of help related to birthday cards. Now I knew to not put too strong a color at the top, so I decided to do a more subtle painted pattern here.
I was glad Hobby Lobby was reasonable, because glass costs a lot more than that at Michaels and JoAnn, and I didn’t have time to research a specialized glass supplier.
Were my other children really this small?I know they were, but for some reason, every time I see a newborn I am in aw at how tiny they are.
Then I simply put the scrapbook paper in the printer, and printed the Tamil script poem onto the scrapbook paper.
Or are your eyes able to find a starting focal point and then naturally sweep across all the papers? One way to capture how tiny they were at birth is to make a scrapbook page of their footprints.
If your eyes are not drawn to a focal point, re-arrange your papers and design elements to create a focal point.
You could use this idea of printing onto scrapbook paper to create lots of layered effects. Hospital FootprintsUsing the footprints that they took in the hospital is a quick and easy way to make a scrapbook page. Just keep in mind that if you’re printing on colored paper, the color in the paper will change how the color of your ink looks.
You just need to design your page around the piece of paper that has your baby's footprints on it. If weeks have passed since baby's birth, then use the footprints from the hospital for the scrapbook page. Comparison Feet - this is an adorable layout where your compare the size of baby's newborn feet to baby's feet at an older age.Take baby's footprints when they are a newborn. Then compare the two sizes to show how much baby's feet have grown during that time period. You can compare them by placing them side by side or by placing the smaller set on top of the larger ones. Click on the paper to see how to make this background paper in using Photoshop Elements.Also, you can make this paper using traditional scrapbooking.

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