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I could've made myself a sandwich right now and take a pic to post it, but would of taken too long and I'm lazy. So now I'm picking at a chicken breast used for soup, while munching on bread, so close enough. You want to take a word as input, break it up, assign each letter a numerical value, add them all together and print the result? Have a sum variable, then for each character in the string add (stringName[n] - 'a') to it. Offering your guests finger sandwiches is a way to provide a number of dining choices in small portions. Choose a variety of breads with varying degrees of color, such as Italian bread, rye bread and pumpernickel. Fill the sandwiches and wraps with even layers of luncheon meat -- such as ham, turkey or roast beef -- as well as cheese.
Make up sandwich spreads with canned or fresh fish, such as tuna and salmon, or spreadable cheeses like brie and pimento spread. Fill in any gaps on the platter with fresh fruit, such as strawberries or other berries, olives or cherry tomatoes. Halloween finger sandwiches are the perfect themed dish to make when you need something fast. Child-friend finger sandwiches can use ingredients such as egg salad, peanut butter and jelly, and bananas. Finger sandwiches are small, dainty sandwiches that generally contain only a thin layer of ingredients. Anchor Hocking 14" Platter Waterford Waffle Sandwich Torte Plate Cupcakes NICE added to cart. When you entertain at home --or anywhere!-- some creative party platter ideas can be really helpful. Having said that, you may or may not want to go with "classic" party tray ideas like cheese and meat, especially depending on the time of year (cheese and meat do not stand up to hot summer days overly well), and on your expected company (particularly if they are vegetarians!).

You can get really creative with dips A– be it a crab dip for fresh veggies, a shallot and blue cheese dip for chips, a jalapeA±o popper dip for bread or tortilla chips, or a bourbon and mustard dip for mini sausages.
Another fun party platter idea is giving your guests one specific dipping theme with a bit of a twist. Tip on Setting up a Party Dip Platter: Dipping party platters are a lot of fun, and always go over well. Fruit is one of my favorite party platter ideas-- it makes a wonderful healthy-choice platter that is pretty durable no matter the weather. For an exotic fruit tray, layer pieces of Mango with bright red maraschino cherries, banana slices, and kiwi for a really festive offering that's as nice to look at as it is to eat. Check this page for some more fun tips on setting up your buffet table and fruit trays beautifully. This is just the very beginning of the different things you can do with a homemade sandwich tray for a party. Yes, antipasti is essentially a meat-and-cheese party tray, but with a wonderful Italian twist.
This even lends itself well to a vegetarian antipasti platter idea for a party-- simply use cheeses and veggies in place of the meats. You can find some great recipes for finger food desserts for your platter right here at Divine Dinner Party. Sign up for my free newsletter, and get a free e-cookbook or other fun download sent right to your inbox every month. Take a look at Easter Dinner and Party Planning for recipes, edd dye tips, assembling Easter baskets, and more! After all, what better way to pass on your knowledge than to share it with other hosts and hostesses? That just means you don't like bread, since the only required element of a sandwich is two pieces of bread.
At work my lunch is always cheese buns, and if I have a good loaf of bread, thats my dinner.

Finger sandwiches usually are no bigger that 2 inches wide, filled with a variety of meats, cheeses and condiments. Add a thin layer of condiments, such as mustard or mayonnaise, to help the meat and cheese adhere to the bread better.
For example, you might have stone ground mustard, honey mustard, Champagne mustard, raspberry mustard etc. But you have to remember that it will take people a little bit of time to assemble a plate of their favorite dippers, dips, etc. This is a particularly good notion when you're hosting a buffet party because people can grab and go. These sandwiches generally are set out on a decorative platter, allowing your guests to choose whichever sandwich they want. Look for flavored wraps that have some color, such as spinach or red bell pepper tortillas.
Heat over medium-low, stirring regularly until the cheese melts and has mixed thoroughly with the ale.
So, make sure you have other platters in different locations so this food station doesn't get backed up!
Many stores now carry different types of flat breads too, which expands your potential flavor options, and lets you add wonderful wraps to your trays. There are so many options in finger food that you're sure to come up with a combination that will suit every palate. Include a variety of options when making your finger sandwiches, to make your presentation look nice.

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